Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • I am so tired!
  • I almost forgot to blog today
  • We really need sun! 
  • The clouds and rain for the past week is leaving me grumpy..
  • are leaving me grumpy
  • that still doesn’t sound right…
  • We just watched Puss in the Boots
  • It was cute.
  • I finally made some fried onion rings
  • First I discovered my deep fryer of 15+ years died today
  • I have been itching for a new one..
  • with a basket and a cover..
  • oh yea…
  • Also made hot wings
  • I am so thankful that Red Hot is gluten, casein and corn free
  • Even Angel loves these wings
  • I am really tired
  • Angel wants to watch Eureka
  • I want to go to bed. 
  • So tired……

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