Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Question Friday–The one about the taco.



1. What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse?

~I love laughing with him.  Now matter what we are doing, shopping, or sitting in bed talking, I love listening to him laugh.  It makes me feel good. The fact that no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are usually joking around about something just makes everything better. 

2. How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side?

~ The side.  I would assume it would be awkward to start from the top.. hmm..

3. Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you knew someone was down there and would get you?

~ No, because then the killer/stalker/creature would know that I am scared.  I try to walk at a normal pace while trying to tell myself that I am an adult not a child.  It doesn’t usually work since my imagination doesn’t know how to shut off. 

4. If you could change one thing about you what would it be and why?

~ Wow, just one.  How about motivation.  I would love to be a motivated person.  With motivation I could lose weight, have a pristine home, work toward being a perfect wife and mother.   Sadly I am not motivated at all.  Sad smile 

5. What age do you think is appropriate to have the "bird and the bees" talk with your children?

~ definitely depends on the child.  Anna has been fascinated with boys and being a mom since she was 2!!  She once tried to tell daddy that he was kissing me all wrong  (apparently she was studying Spiderman’s technique!) Anna and I have had many talks throughout the years and it is not over.  I firmly believe we should answer questions as they are asked (of course being careful not to share too much info when they are 4), and keep in mind that they hear things from other kids at a young age.  We want to be careful of them getting wrong info.  We also have to remember that ignoring it doesn’t make it stay away.  They are going to grow up and learn things whether we tell them or not. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My week in a Photo a Day Challenge..

I decided to join a photo challenge last week and it has been fun. 

I got the list from fatmumslim

Here is my week  in pictures. 


Day 20 – Today: 

They were repaving the road in front of our house.  Never mind the fact that they ended up coming back to dig up the middle again to do some thing to the sewer cover. 


Day 21 – Cool

To me there is nothing better to cool you down than ice cold water. 

day 22

Day 22 – Home

Home is wherever my family is.  Sadly, David isn’t in this pic. 

day 23

Day 23 – Pair

I saw the cutest salt and pepper shaker in Mystic.  I just love Koalas! 

day 24

Day 24 – Path

The path down the veggie aisle at our local grocery store. 

day 25

Day 25 – Fresh

My husband..need I say more? 


Day 26 – Dream

To my precious baby girl, may all your dreams come true 


If you would like to join in go to fatmumslim for the September List. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Question Friday – Naming twins and more



 1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?

~I would want to work with children.  If I had the means I think I would foster or adopt.  I can not think of any better way to make a difference in a child’s life.  Or maybe even work in a home for children.  It would have to be something where I would work personally with them.  I know it isn’t really a profession but honestly, that is where I would want to devote my time and energy.

2. How often do you clean out your car?

~Honestly, whenever I know someone is going to be in the van (other than family).  Last time we had plans to carpool with someone and I desperately needed to get that van in order.  Although I have cleaned it once since then simply because I was tired of looking at it.  So maybe every 3 months or so. 

3. Do you wish there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?

~Deeply relieved!  Although I don’t think I would create some huge fashion crime.  I am a jeans/tshirt kinda gal.  When my niece was here last month, she was so embarrassed because I went out in Crocs!  What can I say, they are comfortable and don’t kill my feet. 

4. What's your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?

~That used to be toast with butter.. Without a doubt.  Now would be really hard.  I usually have a mixture of nuts around or even pb on rice cakes.  I would do mashed potatoes but that takes work.  It has to be something that is easy to just grab.  As for an activity.. when I am angry or stressed that would be cleaning.  I would stew and clean til I was able to calm down.  It would have to be really severe for this though since food is my first option.  LOL. 

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?

~I always wanted a David and Kassandra.  I did get my David so that is taken care of.  I think I would keep Kassandra and Gabriella for girls.. Boys hmm.. That is a hard one since David was the only name I really loved.  Hubby wanted an Alarico.  I would call him Ricky for short.  LOL.  But I do like Kevin, Matthew, Kyle, Caleb, Eric, Jesse.. okay seriously, I can’t answer this question.. so let’s assume the twins are girls.. then I am all set.. Smile

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dining at Buffalo Wild Wings

Annaleah had her last night of dance during the Summer Inclusive this past Friday.  They were going to practice for a bit then perform for us.  This meant we had 2 hours to kill before we could meet back at the studio.  We decided to head to Buffalo Wild Wings.  We had not had the chance to eat there before. 

Talk about tv’s galore!  There were probably 28 or more tv’s in that place!  With maybe 7 different channels.  All sports related.  We decided we were just going to try the wings mostly.  I was a bad girl however and we ordered some jalapeno poppers.  Yep, that meant a bit of wheat and dairy.  Thankfully I did not get sick.  (Long story, but I went over board in the past month and the symptoms started to show.  That is something for another blog).  The traditional wings however where kinda safe (aside from the cross contamination in the oil.  Can’t win). 


To be honest, the poppers were not that great at all.  I suddenly had an idea of trying to make my own with Tofutti cream cheese.  Wonder if that would work. 


The flavors on wings we picked were Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Mango Habanero, and Blazin (order from mild to the hottest they had).  The blazin sauce says - Keep away from eyes, pets, children: The hottest sauce we got.

When we started eating the wings, we started in the bottom right hand said and worked our way clockwise.  I assumed the top right was the blazin, since it was a reddish color.  The first was the honey bbq, very tasty,  next turned out to be the mango habanero, not bad.. nice little bit.  The next one was so hot, oh my word!  It was burning bad.  I swear my throat was numb.  All I thought was, “how am I going to eat that last one?” It was then that we noticed the little stickers on the edge of the paper.  The one we ate was Blazin.  As we grabbed a spicy garlic, it was such a relief! I am also thankful we ordered two coleslaws to get us through.  We continued to each one wing of each section til we finished.  I love spicy but I have to agree with the waitress, that was way too hot to enjoy! 

We definitely plan on going again sometime.  It was great.  The atmosphere was terrific and the waitress was fun to chat with. 

Angel and I both agreed that the Mango Habanero was our favorite with Spicy Garlic coming in second. 


How do you like your wings?  What’s your favorite flavor? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Question Friday - August 17


1. What's the one thing you buy every time you walk into the store?

For me that would probably be milk and/or orange juice.  We are constantly running out.  For hubby that would be Pepsi.  Anna is following in his footsteps.  Drives me absolutely insane.  One day I am going to get them off that corn syrup and they will love me for it... I hope..  

2. If you had a day all to yourself how would you spend it?

Hmm.. this is a hard one.  I don't enjoy being alone most times.  It would depend on my mood.  I would probably tell you I would get some serious cleaning done, or organize all the paperwork.. but in reality I would probably end up watching an Asian Drama or reading a really good book.  Then I would start to get bored and wish I had someone to share the day with. 

3. Are you a speed limit driver? If not, over or under?

I am not a licensed driver however, when I did practice with hubby I tried to stay right on the speed limit.  I was so paranoid about going over and I hated to think I was slowing people behind me if I drove under. As a passenger and there are times when I keep an eye on the speedometer.  I am fine when hubby goes up to 5 miles over but any more than that I get tense and fight to keep my mouth shut.  I might joke about it hoping he gets the hint.  I usually keep my mind off it by reading, doing Sudoku puzzles or texting on my phone. 

4. What's your favorite dessert to make, homemade or from a mix??

I used to love making cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.  However, now that I can't enjoy either one I have not really found that favorite dessert yet.  When I did make cheesecake and those cookies, it was from scratch.  They are truly the best recipes. 

5. Would you rather have a spider or a mouse scurry across your face (no copping out and saying "neither!!")?

I would have to say a mouse.  I don't want spiders anywhere near me!  Definitely not crawling across my face!  I did have a hamster running on me in the middle of the night.  I posted this on my old blog.

I had a dream that anna was hitting me.. I was trying to grab her hand.. but her hand was soft and fuzzy.. I woke up and knew right away it was the hamster.. I yelled for angel to put the light on.. he was now on anna's mat looking at me like.. "HI!".. I said.. grab him.. and the chase was on..LOL.

How Being a Messy Perfectionist is Destroying My Blogging.

Yesterday, I was reading this blog, The Messy Perfectionist- Are You One?  This sounded exactly like me!  Here is a small clipping..
You see, perfectionists like to do things the Right Way.  We know how things should be done. We know that we should scrub the grout with a toothbrush and bleach whenever we clean the shower.  We know that the insides of garbage cans should be disinfected.  We know the blinds need to be dusted slat by slat. We see the filth and the grime and the clutter....and feel powerless to do anything about it because it would take 10 lifetimes to take care of things the Right Way. So we get bogged down in inertia instead, and spend a lot of time thinking "I should be better than this. Why can't I get it together??"
Oh yes, this is me.  I want everything done perfectly and since it is too overwhelming, I don't do anything at all.  This includes blogging. 
When I think of blogging, I remember that I want to share the recent surgery my husband had to go through, or the two weeks with the nieces, I have lots of pics to post of that time together.  Or how about Anna's two weeks of her dance's Summer Intensive. Then I think, "It's going to be alot of work to get those pictures together.  I'll get to it later."   Later comes and more things happen.  Like forgetting our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  Or the many other things that keeps popping up in our lives.  So too many things to post becomes overwhelming so therefore my posts don't happen.  So I don't get any readers, and my memories of our life isn't written down for Anna to read through when she gets older.  Let's not mention the only comments I get are from spammers. 
So, as I was telling a friend about this yesterday, she said "Linda, How do you eat and elephant?"  My first thought was .. "ewww!!  Gross!!  Why would I ever eat and elephant!"  After getting over that visual, (yikes!) I realized the answer is 'one bite at a time'.  So here it goes.  One step at a time I will try to get back into blogging.  My goal is to get back to making this a habit.  So hope you are ready to hear from me more often. 
Hmm.. now if only I could figure out where to start in my home....