Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lists, Lists, Lists

I love lists.  I have them everywhere.  Constantly writing all my thoughts on paper.  I have my to do lists, my shopping list, my random thoughts list, meal ideas, you get the point. 


Lately I have been drowning in these lists! I lose them all the time!

I stumbled across quite some time ago.  Recently they updated to include checklists.  What is listhings?  Thing of a virtual cork board with all your lists on it.  It’s kind of like that. 


Here is an example of what it looks like.  I can just check off things on my list then the next day uncheck and start over again.  I love that I can organize the lists any way I want to.


I also have the photo-a-day list on there so I can see it whenever I need to. 


I have also included deep cleaning of each room.  I can easily do a room a week or whatever I need and just check off things as I go. 


Then finally on the bottom of my board, I have more of an ideas section.  Here I include Christmas gift ideas or shows we are interested in watching.  Maybe even research ideas of things that we talked about but didn’t have time to look up. 

The other thing I love about listhings and you can share with friends.  I actually have another board where a few friends and I share a list of things we need to do right now.  Then we just challenge each other.  Sometimes on really unmotivated days, we will call off the chores we want the other person to do.  We like switching things up a bit. 

Are you a list person?  What kind of lists do you like to make? Do you have a secret to keeping your lists organized?

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