Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organization and the Missing Paperwork..

I have been incredibly horrible with organization lately.  A few weeks ago I spent a lot of work organizing all our paper files into this cute pink basket.  I loved it.  Now I would be able to find anything I need! 



Anna had a dance fundraiser (due tomorrow).  I never let her go out with the original order form.  I once did the fundraiser for the local elementary school and when I had to transfer all the info to one order form, there was nothing worse than trying to figure out most of the kids handwriting.  It was horrendous.  The next thing was tallying everything up.  I can be very anal when it comes to counting money and I was amazed at how messed up many of those orders were.  I don’t think many of the parents actually looked at the fundraisers to make sure everything was in order. 

I was not going to be one of those parents.  So, whenever Anna gets a fundraiser, I print up a basic order form and Anna uses that.  I also send one for my mom in case anyone in RI is interested.  Then when the time comes to turn in the order, I transfer everything neatly to the original form and turn it in.  Then I use the printed form for myself in case there are any ordering questions.  I always go over everything more than once to make sure all information is correct. 

Last night was Anna’s dance class.  The forms are not due until Wednesday but since we were there, I wanted to save us a trip and turn it in last night.  I went to my new filing system, pulled out the file labeled CDE, opened it to find the cover letter but no order forms.  At this moment I try to calm myself.  Maybe I accidently put it in the old dance file.  I look through that file, nothing.. Now I start to panic a bit pulling out files in case I put it in the wrong file.  This doesn’t make sense since it should be with the cover letter.  Maybe it didn’t get filed??  So I start going through paper piles in the house..(yes, I have a lot of paper files!) look behind furniture, check in between newspapers.. nothing!! 

Now during this time I am also trying to get dinner ready and Anna’s hair in a bun since we have to leave in 30 minutes!  So when we do finally leave there is this huge kitchen mess now that I never took the time to clean up as I was cooking.  We rush out the door, during dance we go shopping.  We picked up a lot of food since we were running low on meat.  Picked up Anna, came home, put what we wanted in freezer and fridge although I left the veggies out since the meat is taking over the fridge.  I will take the time to sort and pack that up for freezer in the morning. 

When I wake up in the morning, I see a huge kitchen mess, shopping bags on the floor and file folders all over the dining table.  Not a good start to my morning at all.  I finally get the kitchen and groceries taken care of but I am not wanting to deal with that table.  However, it must be done if we are going to do school.  Before I put the files back into the basket, I start to skim through the files I didn’t check.. and guess what popped up.. right under random bills????


Unfortunately we will need to drive all the way to the dance studio tomorrow just to drop off the order forms but hey, at least I now have a form to drop off! 

Whew.. I need to be better organized. 

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