Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My crazy life

Wake up
Wii boxing
Clean up main rooms
Clean kitchen mess from last night
Log in my fitness pal
Skim Facebook
Print school sheets
wake family
wash and dress
Attempt to make bed
attempt to get hubby out of bed
Give up
Sort laundry to wash
Not enough for a load
Attempt to wake Anna again
Chat online for few minutes
Family finally wakes
Start Anna's smoothie
Cut melons for angel and I
Dish out vitamins
Sit and eat while watching Rhett and Link
Do dishes again
Sweep all rooms
Finally make bed
Work on Korean with Anna
Send her off with grammar, journal prompt and reading
Clean bathrooms
Soak bath mat
Scrub chocolate out of Anna's new jacket
Start brown rice
Help Anna with spelling definitions
Bike for ten
Make lunch
Skim Facebook while eating
Go over math errors with Anna
Update checkbook
Find my math error
Help Anna with word problems
Send Anna to do writing
Open all accumulated mail
Trash junk mail
File bills and papers
Work on ancient civ with Anna
Read about central nervous system with Anna
Finish up paperwork
Finally do lunch dishes
Start dinner
Try to zone out on computer
Doesn't work
Finish scrubbing bathmat and tub
pee for the fiftieth time
Two liters of water will do that to you
Get text from son saying he just left hospital
Text back and forth for details
Find out his arm is infected from a cut
He works at a horse farm and does landscaping
Still wait on dinner
Stuffed peppers take forever to cook
Put paperwork away
Head to meet son to get him money for script
Decide to blog on phone on the way
No clue what to blog
just start typing
Meet David and chat
Hard to say bye
I worry
Finish blog
Notice lots of errors
Don't care
You know how hard out is to type on phone?
amost home
Its almost 9 pm
Kitchen mess waiting for me
Wonder why
I get to do this all over again tomorrow
You still reading?
You must be bored
Sorry for putting you through this
I will end the torture now
Goodnight all!

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