Thursday, October 4, 2012

My little artist and her doctor’s appointment

We have been learning a bit about Claude Monet for the last few weeks. 

Anna watched a tutorial on how to do a painting similar to

Monet’s Pond of Nympheas (water lilies)


I think she did an amazing job!


Then she decided to paint something of her own. 


Anna went for her checkup this week at her pediatrician’s office.  It has been quite some time since she has been.  I won’t say how long because I know someone will complain.  Last year she did go to a homeopathic doctor and all was well with her.  We decided to see her previous doctor this year due to health care not covering the homeopathic doctor. 

I was surprised when the doctor actually remembered us.  She asked about our now grown son and how everything has been with the cleft specialist from the past.  Then the talk came about immunizations.  After discussing what she felt was really needed I looked over at Anna who looked paralyzed with fear!  I explained to Anna that nothing would be done today.  We would take all the information home and talk about it.  Anna did agree to have her finger pricked for iron, which she later regretted, and her levels are fine.  Everything else was good. 

So there has been a lot of discussion going on with us about vaccines, protection, etc.  I think it is a huge learning experience for her.  I am so glad that I have the opportunity to help her learn things instead of just forcing things upon her.  I know that there is a time and place where some things can not be talked over, certain times where action must be dealt with quickly.  However, I am thankful for the times we can talk and learn things together. 

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