Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still working on that healthy lifestyle

I just realized this morning that I have not talked about my healthy eating lately.  It’s a long battle.  I am continuing to be be gluten and casein free, however I have had some setbacks.  Pizza seems to be a huge downfall.  After dealing with the consequences, I decided it is not worth it.  So I am back to avoiding them.

At first I dropped about 25 pounds really fast, just by being gcf.  My weight has been pretty consistent regardless of what I eat.  The problem is, I am not losing more.  An online friend just surprised her hubby by losing 77lbs while he was overseas.  It was just amazing to see the pics and video she shared.  I realized that I do not want to keep living like this. 

Monday morning a friend invited me to a weight loss challenge.  This is done with friends that she knew in person.  We share our weight and beginning photo, send 10.00 to the leader and just encourage each other to keep going.  The challenge ends on New Year’s Eve.  The winner is determined by percentage loss.  There isn’t a lot of members so not a lot of money to be won, but just enough to motivate me and make it fun.

So far today is day 3 and I am doing pretty well.  I started off Monday just putting the food into  Yesterday I focused on drinking water.  Did you know that you are supposed to drink 1/2 your body weight.  There is no way that would be possible at this time.  I did manage to drink 3 liters yesterday.  That’s a lot of bathroom breaks! 

Today I started off Wii Boxing and feeling good.  I usually do pretty well starting out.  My problem is sticking with it.  It easily becomes boring to constantly count calories and such.  This needs to be a lifestyle.  It has been scary watching everything my husband has gone through the past 2 years. I want Anna to grow up with both her parents.  I know that we do not know the future however I don’t want my lack of self discipline to be a factor in the outcome. 

I know there are quite a few weight loss challenges like this out there. Some even have more of a payout for higher winnings.  Has anyone come across challenges like this before? 

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