Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What to blog about?

Guess I will attempt a bullet blog since this window has been open all day.  Nothing has come to mind that I wanted to share.  So I will try being random. 

  • Popotan is still missing Sad smile 
  • Mom is feeling better
  • It was great seeing family this past weekend.
  • Waiting for my new phone is torture!
  • Yesterday, I started a weight loss challenge
  • Something I really need help with.
  • Past two days I did pretty well
  • Today I even did some Wii Boxing with Anna
  • She hates boxing with me. 
  • Hmmm
  • Anna is behind me telling me that I can not say why she hates playing Wii Boxing with me. 
  • She is waiting for me to put her to bed.
  • Since my mind is a blank I guess I will end this now
  • and go to bed
  • If anyone knows a good blogging meme I should check out..
  • please let me know!
  • Hope this didn’t bore you too much.
  • Good night!

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