Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calling all bloggers!

I could use some help.  I have been so busy with moving irl that my blog has suffered quite a bit.  I want to move my Xanga to a better place.  I started blogging there in 2002.  I did move it over to the word press free site so it won't disappear completely, however the pics are all still connected to Xanga.  My first goal was to just import everything to Blogger where I try to blog now.. however that is not working. So I attempted to do it manually but I can't move over the comments. 

My Xanga Premium is almost up and I no longer have the option to just renew for 15.00 since they have changed.  I am all confused and I know it is my fault for waiting til the last minute.  Any suggestions / recommendations would be very helpful.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shrimps that are as big as lobsters…

I had jumbo shrimp last night for dinner.. I am still not used to eating shrimp. 

I had a dream. 

We were in some party/restaurant with what appeared to be the dancers and maybe their family.  The meal was huge seafood platters.. shrimps that were looking kinda like lobsters and huge in size..

I was actually breaking the shells off some of these things and eating them.. having fun.. then I realized some were still alive so I left those on the plate.. I noticed one had disappeared.

Next thing I know it is coming around me like a pet that wants attention.. and I am a bit freaked out. It has claws and it is trying to grab hold of my pants.. I tell someone and they get it locked into the bathroom.. they said it was in the tub and all was okay.

I open the bathroom door and it summersaulted out of the tub toward me..  I closed the door quickly. 

I went up to a dancer and asked if she knew much about shrimps.. someone had to get it out of the bathroom.. she didn't like shrimps.. so I said avoid that bathroom.

I saw some guy talking about it.. so I walked over and for some stupid reason thought I could open the bathroom door quickly to show him.. when I did the shrimp summersaulted out of the bathroom toward me.. and tried grabbing my leg..

Somehow I did an amazing feat.. while standing I managed to get both legs off the ground.. I was hovering there. However, the shrimp had gotten bigger and was able to reach my legs and started attaching himself to my pants!

I woke up at that exact moment.. staggered to the bathroom then went to find angel because I was terrified if I went back to sleep the dream would continue. Usually bad dreams like that do continue for me after I wake.

I told him the dream for a few minutes then went back to bed and into another dream. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last year to be a kid

My daughter is turning 12 next month.  I am not thrilled at all.  Every time I look at her.. I want to cry!  I can see her maturing.  It’s in her face, her expressions, her manners.  She is going through a huge growth spurt.  She is getting taller every time I turn around. 

Another birthday means another party.  Many of you know how big I am with parties.  We do a theme party every year.  Well, this year she wanted to invite all the girls in her jr. dance group.. umm.. that is like 11 girls and then we have the nieces and a few friends.  There is no way that many girls will fit into our home… never mind that she was also begging for a sleepover!  She’s crazy! 

So we went through a list of options..

  • Pool party at a hotel
  • Skating party
  • Bowling
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Mall treasure hunt

Pottery and Jewelry were ruled out pretty quickly due to the fact that the kids would not be able to expel energy.  I really loved the painting pottery idea but I think we will reserve it for a trip with the nieces instead.

Anna ruled out bowling rather quickly.  She doesn’t bowl very well, in her opinion, and therefore it isn’t fun.  This was a heart break for both Angel and I because we love bowling. 

Skating Party sounded great.  Teens love music.  However, Anna had never been to a skating rink. She has been ice skating with her friend Bri a few times.  For some reason, being on wheels freaked her out more than being on skates. 


We decided to take her and the nieces to the rink.  We wanted to see if she would like it.  Jade and Kate had a blast! Anna did not.  She attempted to go out on the floor with the girls holding hands.. but the tears started flowing.


So she hung around the bar section and just practiced going back and forth while holding on.  She insisted that she was not having a party here at all. 

The mall was one of my favorite options.  Jade thought it was a great idea also.  However, I don’t feel comfortable sending the girls out in groups, and I don’t know of any adults that would like to chaperone them.  This is one idea we will be saving for another year.

Another good option was the Pool Party at a hotel.  I thought it would be great to just let them swim and have some pizza delivered to the room.  Maybe some slumber party games and then a movie to calm everyone down. However, I was not sure I wanted to be responsible for that many girls! 

So here we are back at square one. 

I was talking to a friend about my dilemma.  She mentioned that her daughter loves Chuck E Cheese.  My first reaction is no way.. these kids are way too old for that.  Apparently they are not.  Her niece also loves Chuck E Cheese and wanted to go for her birthday.  So I started thinking on the idea.  I know my nieces also love Chuck E Cheese but they usually play with Ethan in the tunnels.  I came home and brought up the idea to Anna.  I texted Jade and they all think it is a great idea.  Anna wants the entire thing.. the dancing bears, inflatable crown, everything.  Another benefit is they have gluten free pizzas.  We have two dancers who are gluten free. 

So it looks like we are having a

“Last Chance to be a Kid, Chuck E Cheese Party!”

I am all for not having to my home before and after.  Smile

Do you have big parties for your kids? Or is it more geared to family?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Question Friday : Will winter ever end?

1. What is one thing you wish you did not have to teach your children?

Probably the one thing I wish I did not have to teach them is how to deal with hurt feelings.  Especially when it comes from friends and those that they trust.  I don’t think it ever gets easier. 

2. What are you going to use since Google Reader is going away?

I had no idea it was going away!  What are the options now?  Sadly I have not been keeping up with many blogs unless they come to my inbox. 

3. British comedy; Hilarious or strange?

We love British Comedy!  Catherine Tate is one of our favorites.

4. Do you prefer card games or board games?

I love board games but I will admit that I tend to keep cards around.  There are so many things you can play with just a deck of cards.

5. Will winter ever end?

I really hope so.  This is getting really depressing.  I need sunshine and warmth to survive!! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am sick, and it’s all my fault.

  • I don’t feel like blogging
  • so a bullet blog will have to do
  • I am tired of living gluten and dairy free
  • tired of having to check the ingredients of every single thing
  • I mean, every single thing….
  • Tired of not being able to eat at others homes
  • tired of trying to come up with different things to take on the road
  • tired of having to analyze every single food on menus
  • so I messed up
  • I had pizza about two weeks ago..
  • no biggie
  • no reaction
  • all was good
  • then I had Ole English Fish and Chips
  • Oh it was soo good
  • It’s been years!!
  • Like 12 years since I had their fish.
  • It was awesome
  • no reaction
  • That was a week ago
  • So Sunday we go out for breakfast after picking up Anna from a friend’s home.
  • She had slept over night
  • We didn’t eat breakfast and neither did she
  • So we went to a restaurant
  • Not thinking.. I ordered an omelet with sausages
  • home fries, no toast. 
  • Should be fine
  • but I forgot that there is cheese in omelets
  • It’s been a year and a half since I had cheese omelets
  • so once it comes to me and I realize it.. what are my choices?
  • ask them to replace my eggs?
  • but that doesn’t seem fair.. it was my mistake..
  • Don’t eat it?
  • Well, that’s a waste and I am hungry
  • so I eat it
  • and stare longingly at Anna's toast
  • with butter.. sigh
  • I love toast
  • So almost instantly I reacted..
  • Sunday night sniffles
  • now a full blown sinus issue
  • and a headache
  • and it’s all my fault..
  • sigh….

Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to posting, starting with a Five Question Friday

I have been slacking on my blog for way too long.  I just keep getting caught up in life.  I really want to try to keep writing again.  When I look back at all the postings of Anna when she was little, it brings back so many memories.  I love showing the blog posts to her.  I love reliving those times when I read them over again.  That is my purpose for blogging.  Not to gain a huge audience and tons of comments.. but to jot down all those moments and thoughts that get put down here.  To look back at what may have been important in our lives or how we have changed and grown.  I really want to strive to keep it going. 

There is no better way than to start with a Five Question Friday. 


Questions for Friday, March 1st:

1. What was the most productive thing you have done this week?

Hmm.  Honestly, we slacked off a bunch this week.  Hubby took two days off work.  Tuesday we drove to RI and spent the day with my parents, which was really nice.  Now I am trying to be productive and clean up the house, but it is awful.  The nieces visited last week for their vacation and it shows. 

2. Enjoying the winter or ready for spring?

Totally ready for spring.  I am not a winter girl at all.  I actually can’t wait for summer!  Spring and Fall usually bring grief for me with allergies and rain but it’s so much better compared to winter. 

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Is your spouse the same as you?

I tried to look up the difference in the two.  In a group or an unfamiliar scene.. I am quiet.  You won’t hear much from me.  I just sit back and observe.  Being hard of hearing, I also tend to pray no one will talk to me at times.  Among friends and family, I can be the same depending.  I find if I can hear everyone, I am okay with maybe 2-3 people.  If we are in an area with background noise.. I get quiet.  One on one, you won’t get me to shut up at all.  I can be very vocal.. I love to talk and share my opinions on things.  However, put me with a bunch of kids and I love it. 

As for hubby, he appears to be about the same.  He can talk and even get loud among friends and family.  He tends to be quiet at other times. 

4. Would you rather go without music or television for 1 year?

Actual TV, I can go without.  If you mean including watching movies and shows on the internet.. nooo.. and I can’t go without music.  It lifts me up when I need it.  The actual television I can care less. 

5. Have you ever been truly scared of someone?

Yes,  I have.  I can not handle watching someone who is drunk.  It really freaks me out.  I feel like they are going to lose control and someone will get hurt.  It terrifies me.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback to May 2006

A flashback of a post about my daughter, who is now 11 years old. 

Monday, 15 May 2006

  • My Beautiful Baby Girl

    3 days old
        1.  Your full name is Annaleah Aiko Ramos
        2.  You were born on April 24, 2001
        3.  You were born with a cleft of the soft palate and had to be hospitalized for awhile.

    1 month old    4.  You were born with dark curly hair and big brown eyes
        5.  You didn't like sleeping in our bed.. You had to be able to stretch out.
        6.  You still carry the blanket (in above picture) around with you everywhere.

    2 months old

        7.  Your first food ever was watermelon - sucking on mommy's slice at a picnic
        8.  Once a lady crossed 3 rows of cars in a parking lot, came over just to tell us how beautiful you were.
        9.  Daddy got really nervous and said we were not to let you out of our sight.. ever!

    4 months old    10.  You used to love your thumb.
        11.  Mommy was afraid that palate surgery would be hard.. because you wouldn't be able to use your thumb that way.
        12.  You were a trouper though... it didn't phase you one bit.. although mommy was a tad sad about it.

    7 months old

        13.  Mommy and Daddy bought our home when you were 6 months old.
        14.  You started walking around furniture around 6 months of age
        15.  Shortly after we moved in.. You were sleeping with daddy in big bed.. you scared him when you fell out.  Mommy never seen daddy so                scared before.

    9 months old    16.  The night before your cleft palate surgery, you tried to eat an entire pancake
        17.  It was the last solid food you would eat for months.
        18.  After palate surgery you lived on smoothies and juice.  You had to be on a liquid diet for a few months.

    10 months old
        19.  You took your first step at 10 months
        20.  After cleft surgery, you had to wear these braces on your arms,  You could not bend them to put things in your mouth.  I thought that this would discourage you.  Instead, you used all your energy walking around with a big purple ball to help you.
        21.  This is how you are about everything.  You will pratice getting on your little riding toy over and over again.  You would do that for days.. never actually riding it.  Just practicing on and off till you got it perfect.

    10 months old
        22.  You loved getting into things..
        23.  If we told you "no".. you would try over and over again.  Never in anger or tears.. just determined.
        24.  The first time you went to sleep on your own.. You were 15 months old.. You asked for your cup and walked away.. Mommy found you sleeping on your crib mattress..

    16 months old

        25.  At 16 months you said "eye" for the first time.. then poked me in my eye..
        26.  Around the same time, you said "no" for the first time.. but "Yah" was your favorite word
        27.  You also loved to strip off clothes, put on dress up shoes, and dance on the coffee table in your nightgown

    2 years 3 months    28.  Mommy had to put your diapers on backwards for awhile, because you just loved to take them off.
        29.   It didn't take long for you to proudly show me how you could still take them off with no problem.
        30.  You got your first sugar rush at 17 months.. from a lollipop. You would spin around in a circle and laughing, then and stare at the floor.. and then this giggle would just bubble up.. It was hilarious.

    2yrs - snuck in tub as I was getting it ready.. 

        31.   At 22 months we got tired of hearing Barney videos.. you loved them
        32.   We bought your your first Wiggles dvd and you fell in love.
        33.   But you didn't like Wally in the Wiggles movie.  You would run out of the room everytime he came on the screen.

    3yrs - applying lipstick

        34.   Just before your 2nd birthday, you had your first hearing test.
        35.  You almost got kicked out of the Birth to 3 program because you passed the tests with flying colors
        36.  However, you failed because you decided to be un-cooperative at the final testing.. which was a good thing.

    3 years old - 4th of July sparklers    37.  We discovered you had a slight hearing loss due to fluids and it started to affect your speech.
        38.  You had to have new tubes put into your ears to help the drainage.  All was well again.
        39.  Thanks to Birth to 3 program your speech improved in no time at all.. You were doing wonderfully

        40.  At the age of 2 you hated flying bugs.. Especially flies.  You would cover your eyes and yell..
        41.  Mommy gave you a fly swatter and yoiu would walk around the house calling "fly, fly."
        42.  You desperately wanted to see Santa for the first time.. until you got up close.. You cried and wouldn't let him touch you, but when we left, Santa was all you talked about.
        43.  When your blanket got dirty and needed to be washed.. You would carry it down to the washer and give it a kiss before putting it in.
        44.  Around this age you believed you were a dog.. you would even help me make the bed, with your teeth.  You would try to walk on all fours and bark in public places
        45.  Just before your 3rd birthday, you were denied speech services at the school because your speech was awesome!
        46.  You insisted and made pasta from scratch and then ate it for lunch
        47.  A month shy of your 3rd birthday you informed mommy "I love you so much!"
        48.  Anna fell in love with raising baby chicks after her 3rd birthday
        49.  It was impossible to potty train you. You peed every 15-20 min on the dot.  At 21 min.. it was too late
        50.  At  the age of 3 years and 3 months you decided you were done with diapers.. No help from me whatsoever.
        51.  You love the Land before Time series
        52.  You found your first love at the drive-in, Spiderman
        53.  Everytime we went out you would insist that certain females were in fact Mary Jane!
        54.  You found a stuffed spiderman on clearance at KBtoys for 3.00 and still carry it everywhere you can
        55.  I once discovered your spiderman kissing your barbie doll (who you insist is Mary Jane).
        56.  You told Daddy.. there was only two people you wanted to marry.. Spiderman or Daddy..
        57.  Your first Movie Theater show was The Incredibles.
        58.  Your favorite PBS Show now is Dragon Tales
        59.  You used to love Caillou
        60.  Your favorite Nick show is Lazy Town
        61.  You love to watch musicals
        62.  You fell in love with Phanthom of the Opera
        63.  You watched it so much.. Papa let you keep the movie.
        64.  You love creepy crawlers, like worms..
        65.  You tried to keep a worm as your pet
        66.  You also tried to keep caterpillars for pets.
        67.  Your favorite meal is Spagetti and meatballs.. yet you won't eat the meatballs..they just have to be included..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something New…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m back….  I hope.  I also decided to get back to PhotoADay with FatMumSlim

Photo: Jan 2 #FMSPhotoADay Challenge:  Our new, used car.

As you can tell from yesterday’s picture, the nieces were here for the week this Christmas Vacation.  It started off a bit rocky with sicknesses all around (especially me!) but the big thing was the first day they arrived. 

After debating dinner, we decided to head down to Popeye’s for some chicken.  After we ate, there was some light snow action going on.  We headed over to GameStop so Anna could pick out a few with her Christmas money.  As we left there it was snowing really heavy.  We needed Ice Melt badly so Angel ran into Walmart. 

On the way home (20 min drive).. Everything died.. first the dashboard lights, then the radio and then the van!  Right at a light, in the middle of the road.  AAA got there quickly but we were forced to stand on the side of the road in the snow, (still snowing heavily) and wait for the Taxi.  Thankfully we did not have to stand out there long.  A kind police officer let the girls and I sit in his car and wait. 

We waited for an hour!  Every time the officer got a call on the radio, I was terrified he would be forced to make us leave the car so he could go help in car crashes and whatnot.  So thankful he did not! 

So, the alternator on the van is gone.  We will not be fixing it since the van is not in good shape.  We got a great 6 years out of it though.  We bought it used for 1,000.00. 

Above is our new, used vehicle.  Feels like such a downgrade, but hey, it has heat!!  I can not complain about that! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


These girls went home today.  I miss them already.