Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to posting, starting with a Five Question Friday

I have been slacking on my blog for way too long.  I just keep getting caught up in life.  I really want to try to keep writing again.  When I look back at all the postings of Anna when she was little, it brings back so many memories.  I love showing the blog posts to her.  I love reliving those times when I read them over again.  That is my purpose for blogging.  Not to gain a huge audience and tons of comments.. but to jot down all those moments and thoughts that get put down here.  To look back at what may have been important in our lives or how we have changed and grown.  I really want to strive to keep it going. 

There is no better way than to start with a Five Question Friday. 


Questions for Friday, March 1st:

1. What was the most productive thing you have done this week?

Hmm.  Honestly, we slacked off a bunch this week.  Hubby took two days off work.  Tuesday we drove to RI and spent the day with my parents, which was really nice.  Now I am trying to be productive and clean up the house, but it is awful.  The nieces visited last week for their vacation and it shows. 

2. Enjoying the winter or ready for spring?

Totally ready for spring.  I am not a winter girl at all.  I actually can’t wait for summer!  Spring and Fall usually bring grief for me with allergies and rain but it’s so much better compared to winter. 

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Is your spouse the same as you?

I tried to look up the difference in the two.  In a group or an unfamiliar scene.. I am quiet.  You won’t hear much from me.  I just sit back and observe.  Being hard of hearing, I also tend to pray no one will talk to me at times.  Among friends and family, I can be the same depending.  I find if I can hear everyone, I am okay with maybe 2-3 people.  If we are in an area with background noise.. I get quiet.  One on one, you won’t get me to shut up at all.  I can be very vocal.. I love to talk and share my opinions on things.  However, put me with a bunch of kids and I love it. 

As for hubby, he appears to be about the same.  He can talk and even get loud among friends and family.  He tends to be quiet at other times. 

4. Would you rather go without music or television for 1 year?

Actual TV, I can go without.  If you mean including watching movies and shows on the internet.. nooo.. and I can’t go without music.  It lifts me up when I need it.  The actual television I can care less. 

5. Have you ever been truly scared of someone?

Yes,  I have.  I can not handle watching someone who is drunk.  It really freaks me out.  I feel like they are going to lose control and someone will get hurt.  It terrifies me.

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