Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last year to be a kid

My daughter is turning 12 next month.  I am not thrilled at all.  Every time I look at her.. I want to cry!  I can see her maturing.  It’s in her face, her expressions, her manners.  She is going through a huge growth spurt.  She is getting taller every time I turn around. 

Another birthday means another party.  Many of you know how big I am with parties.  We do a theme party every year.  Well, this year she wanted to invite all the girls in her jr. dance group.. umm.. that is like 11 girls and then we have the nieces and a few friends.  There is no way that many girls will fit into our home… never mind that she was also begging for a sleepover!  She’s crazy! 

So we went through a list of options..

  • Pool party at a hotel
  • Skating party
  • Bowling
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Mall treasure hunt

Pottery and Jewelry were ruled out pretty quickly due to the fact that the kids would not be able to expel energy.  I really loved the painting pottery idea but I think we will reserve it for a trip with the nieces instead.

Anna ruled out bowling rather quickly.  She doesn’t bowl very well, in her opinion, and therefore it isn’t fun.  This was a heart break for both Angel and I because we love bowling. 

Skating Party sounded great.  Teens love music.  However, Anna had never been to a skating rink. She has been ice skating with her friend Bri a few times.  For some reason, being on wheels freaked her out more than being on skates. 


We decided to take her and the nieces to the rink.  We wanted to see if she would like it.  Jade and Kate had a blast! Anna did not.  She attempted to go out on the floor with the girls holding hands.. but the tears started flowing.


So she hung around the bar section and just practiced going back and forth while holding on.  She insisted that she was not having a party here at all. 

The mall was one of my favorite options.  Jade thought it was a great idea also.  However, I don’t feel comfortable sending the girls out in groups, and I don’t know of any adults that would like to chaperone them.  This is one idea we will be saving for another year.

Another good option was the Pool Party at a hotel.  I thought it would be great to just let them swim and have some pizza delivered to the room.  Maybe some slumber party games and then a movie to calm everyone down. However, I was not sure I wanted to be responsible for that many girls! 

So here we are back at square one. 

I was talking to a friend about my dilemma.  She mentioned that her daughter loves Chuck E Cheese.  My first reaction is no way.. these kids are way too old for that.  Apparently they are not.  Her niece also loves Chuck E Cheese and wanted to go for her birthday.  So I started thinking on the idea.  I know my nieces also love Chuck E Cheese but they usually play with Ethan in the tunnels.  I came home and brought up the idea to Anna.  I texted Jade and they all think it is a great idea.  Anna wants the entire thing.. the dancing bears, inflatable crown, everything.  Another benefit is they have gluten free pizzas.  We have two dancers who are gluten free. 

So it looks like we are having a

“Last Chance to be a Kid, Chuck E Cheese Party!”

I am all for not having to my home before and after.  Smile

Do you have big parties for your kids? Or is it more geared to family?

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