Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shrimps that are as big as lobsters…

I had jumbo shrimp last night for dinner.. I am still not used to eating shrimp. 

I had a dream. 

We were in some party/restaurant with what appeared to be the dancers and maybe their family.  The meal was huge seafood platters.. shrimps that were looking kinda like lobsters and huge in size..

I was actually breaking the shells off some of these things and eating them.. having fun.. then I realized some were still alive so I left those on the plate.. I noticed one had disappeared.

Next thing I know it is coming around me like a pet that wants attention.. and I am a bit freaked out. It has claws and it is trying to grab hold of my pants.. I tell someone and they get it locked into the bathroom.. they said it was in the tub and all was okay.

I open the bathroom door and it summersaulted out of the tub toward me..  I closed the door quickly. 

I went up to a dancer and asked if she knew much about shrimps.. someone had to get it out of the bathroom.. she didn't like shrimps.. so I said avoid that bathroom.

I saw some guy talking about it.. so I walked over and for some stupid reason thought I could open the bathroom door quickly to show him.. when I did the shrimp summersaulted out of the bathroom toward me.. and tried grabbing my leg..

Somehow I did an amazing feat.. while standing I managed to get both legs off the ground.. I was hovering there. However, the shrimp had gotten bigger and was able to reach my legs and started attaching himself to my pants!

I woke up at that exact moment.. staggered to the bathroom then went to find angel because I was terrified if I went back to sleep the dream would continue. Usually bad dreams like that do continue for me after I wake.

I told him the dream for a few minutes then went back to bed and into another dream.