Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Mingle - All about work

I am back for another Monday Mingle.. been a long tough week.. but I am still hanging in there.

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All about work
1. Tell us some of your previous job titles. Which was your favorite job?
2. Who is is the worst boss you ever had?
3. Who was your favorite boss?

After watching this I was thinking.. why didn't I ever get licensed in RI??  Then I remembered.  Alot of my parents worked late hours or early morning.  If I was licensed it meant the set hours (for the insurance) was no later then 5pm.  Which was crazy!!  Alot of the single moms really had no choice when it came to hours at work.  Also, I was not going to be allowed to take a child that was sick.  No fevers, or yellowish discharges.. and as I mentioned.. single moms really didn't have the luxury of being ok with no pay.  All parents knew if a child was sick.. I always kept each parent informed.  However, being licensed would have added to the hardships these moms had to face.  I was really thankful that I was in the position to be with my child and help other moms as well.  Those children.. Most are now on my facebook.. I am amazed at how much they have all grown. 


One Cluttered Brain said...

i forgot about that. I guess I did that too.
a dress shop?
bookkeeping is cool.
Thanks for mingling!!
You don't talk too much!!
have a great week!

Jendi said...

Yay for babysitting!
The legal stuff for watching kids gets tricky!
You're also a blogger and vlogger. :)
Have a great week!