Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spiders! Oh My!

I am not a huge fan of bugs.  Not at all.  When Anna was younger she loved bugs.  All kinds.  This is no longer true these days. 

I feel so bad because she is really terrified most times.  But then you can’t help but laugh.  I have no clue how to help her through this fear.  The day after the video, a huge Lunar Moth came into our home and chilled for the day.  After her freaking out a bit.. by the end of the day, she was more comfortable.  We spent a lot of time learning about them.  It was fun. 


This week is also GET YOUR VLOG ON with Lizzie B.  Go check her out!  Better than that.. make a video and link up!  There are a lot of great bloggers/vloggers over there. 

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jennyonthespot said...

Oh golly, golly, golly... I don't like bugs either!!!!! Yipes!!! So cute :)