Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

Know how I just mentioned that my ear bud has one side that works.  Nope.  That stopped this morning.  Now I have no choice but to wear the oversized one.. which is now killing my ear.  I can't even wear it in the right ear.  Won't stay in at all.

This morning, I went in to see Angel and he was sleeping.  After breakfast I was happy to discover Chris was his nurse of the day (I have a few favorites).  Angel was wide away and calm.  Even after being suctioned and coughing he was able to calm himself.  Etna, the cleaning lady came in and said.. You are looking great and he smiled at her.  I big smile.  He smiled at Chris too.  It was awesome to see.

News from the doc was that his liver was good, kidney numbers were looking great.  They were thinking about no sedation and maybe getting him off the ventilator today or tomorrow.  The only thing mentioned was that he had blood in his bile tube yesterday and Dr. Swales wanted to take a quick look to make sure nothiing was up.  

Somewhere around 11:30 It was time to reposition him a bit.  Chris and another nurse did that, then they suctioned him because was coughing, well suddenly he went nuts!!  Another nurse and I spent some time holding him down.  He was going to fling himself off that bed.  They finally had no choice but to sedate him.  I just remember looking at the monitor and seeing his blood pressure above 400.  Scary stuff!! I do believe I know what got him going and the doctor did ask my thoughts on it.  He had made a mess (if you know what I mean) and he looked as if he was trying to fling the bottom half of his body off the mess.  The last time I saw him freak like that he had done a mess shortly before also. 

Around lunch I decided to go looking for ear buds.  No one has them.  Chris even gave me some hospital ones and they didn't work, the sound was too low.  So I have no choice but to deal with it. Steph texted me that she picked up some ear buds at Walmart and would bring them tomorrow evening.  Honestly, what would I do without her.  Now I just have to hang in there til tomorrow evening  

So due to the events of the day, Angel is having a minor setback.  They are going to review tomorrow and decide where to go from there.  They did do an endoscopy and found a small tear that is caused from retching or severe coughing.  It will heal on it's own. 

Well, tomorrow comes quickly and I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  Time to go! 

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