Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calling all bloggers!

I could use some help.  I have been so busy with moving irl that my blog has suffered quite a bit.  I want to move my Xanga to a better place.  I started blogging there in 2002.  I did move it over to the word press free site so it won't disappear completely, however the pics are all still connected to Xanga.  My first goal was to just import everything to Blogger where I try to blog now.. however that is not working. So I attempted to do it manually but I can't move over the comments. 

My Xanga Premium is almost up and I no longer have the option to just renew for 15.00 since they have changed.  I am all confused and I know it is my fault for waiting til the last minute.  Any suggestions / recommendations would be very helpful.