Thursday, January 28, 2010

Raging storms..

That has been my emotions lately.. which produces a very crabby, impatient and miserable me.  Seriously.. I have been just the worse lately.  After completely being my worse with Angel.. He finally exploded.. not like a volcano type explosion however,  but more like a sparkler.. He said one sentence during that time that hurt.. Like seriously hurt.. Most wouldn't even think it was that bad.  He said "Why should I drop everything when no one does it for me." In my mind that translated to.. "No one does anything for me" 

All night those words were in my head.. I cried myself to sleep.  Yes, I am majorly sensitive.  He even apologized soon after saying it.  But it didn't matter because it wasn't him that I was upset with.. He was me.  Those words just haunted me.  I was a failure as his wife. 

I woke up with the worse eyes ever.  How was I going to hide this.  I couldn't even look at him.. cause I would start crying.  It was awful.

By about 10am he finally cornered me and didn't let me go.  He had asked many times, but I just kept saying, I'll be fine, and walking away.  This time he insisted and I cried..

After a long talk I finally told him I wasn't upset with him but I missed him.  It seemed so silly to say that.  He is here every day.. He pointed out that I get up early, spend my entire day devoted to Anna and school and then my afternoons devoted to watching Ethan.  Then he leaves and I go to bed.  Yep, that about sums it up.  We talked about some things that we can do to change that.  I miss spending time with him. 

He also shared that he has been so stressed with work.. it has constantly been on his mind.  I know that he has a harder time relaxing during those times. 

So here are the changes I am making..  One of the biggest things is I have never needed 8 hours of sleep before.. I have a feeling winter is playing a huge part in me wanting to sleep more.  I noticed I am also waking up around 4am and then just drifting in and out til I finally get up at 5.  There is an hour wasted.  The two things I am proud of is doing my bible and biking that early.. I want to continue that..

1. Get Annaleah to do more independent work
2. Work on maintaining the house throughout the day during her schooling
3. Close my computer down at 8pm and focus on the family
4. Get Anna to go to sleep on her own again (work on her room this weekend!)
5. Stay up to 10 or 11 depending, with Angel
6. continue to wake at 5am for my bible and biking time.
7. make sure all dishes and room clean up is done after dinner
8. have next day's school lesson ready at the end of school time  

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not much to say..

I am trying to be faithful with posting but I seriously am not sure what to say here.. hmmm

It was a typical day.. Monday's are always hard to get back in gear.  School was light.  We worked on our paper quilt, Anna did her Bible Lesson from CEF MailBox Club and it is ready to be mailed back.  We did madlibs for English, She started her new week's lesson for Math and Spelling.  Nice and quiet day..

Then Ethan came, followed soon by Abby and David who haven't really been here all week.. Anna was supposed to go to Ballet class but it was pouring hard and Daddy of course really didn't want to drive in it.  So we ended up having a nice evening together.  Abby decided to buy us all pizza from Dominos.. which we had not had in a long time.  Did you know that you can order online and then watch how the order is progressing.  The site told us what time Carlos put the pizza into the oven and exactly when it was ready for pick up.. I thought that was a hoot.  We even got a bit of alone time because Annaleah and Ethan both wanted to go with David and Abby to get the pizza.

Early bedtime at 9 and all was good.

Today I need to really get on track.  Full day of school lessons .. I need to get things in order.  It is amazing how much a weekend off can do damage around here.

If you would like to know more about Annaleah's Bible Correspondence.. check it out CEF MailBox Club.
She really enjoys these lessons.  It comes with a Bible story, a story about a family that goes along with it and questions to answer and send back for the next lesson.  She looks forward to her lessons.  Also check around at the site.  There are some things for kids there as well ..  wonderzone

I suppose I had something to say after all.  

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why we avoid Wendy's

We planned on going to visit my brother-in-law, Abe.  His daughter was there for the weekend and I had not seen her in a good maybe 9 years.

Angel woke up rather late, after being up early morning, so we started out later than we thought.  He had not eaten so of course, fast food was in order.  We decided on Wendys since it was right there where we were getting gas.  Now, from the past, we should really know better to go there.. but we decided to try once again.

We go in and I see on the board..

Bold Buffalo Boneless Wings

Pack some punch in your lunch. Get 100% tender and juicy all-white chicken hand-tossed in our signature buffalo sauce made with aged cayenne pepper.

Now that seriously looks good to me.. so I order it.. 3.99.. nothing else included.

First I wait much longer for it.. Anna and Angel had already gotten theirs.. ok.. maybe a bit of work involved..

Then it arrives..

Now I don't know what I was thinking but the pic on the board looked like they were bigger.  This is only what it looked like after I rolled around the chicken nugget into the bit of sauce sitting on the bottom.  The nuggets looked like the exact ones you see on the board advertising 5 for .99
I paid 4.00 so that is 3.01 for 2 more nuggets and sauce..

Good thing Angel bought a large fries, so I was able to get a bit of that.
The wings were good.  Just alot of money for something so small.  

then came the trip to the bathroom..
Ok, ladies, it is bad enough when you tinkle on the seat and don't wipe..
but how do you miss and get the entire front of the toilet (floor) instead??

then Angel comes out and he is not happy either.. apparently someone covered the entire seat with urine..
He was forced to clean it and then dump the toilet paper onto the floor
because there was no trash can at all.  It was either that or clog the toilet..
This is why we avoid Wendy's here.

Moving on to Abe's house.  We had a really nice visit.  Mariah has grown from a beautiful little girl to a beautiful young lady.  She has had a rocky start.. I can only pray things will get better for her. 
I didn't get alot of pics but here are the few I got with my phone.

Anna and Ally

Mariah playing cards on the couch

Angel and Abe taking a pic

In other news, I finally finished the puzzle that Abby and David bought me.

the top part was torture!  I loved every minute of it..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The other day I decided to try and attend a twitter party through Savvyblogging.  I reserved like they asked and got excited.. but since the party was at 9pm, I really wasn't sure if I was going to be able to attend.  Hubby made it possible for me to check it out.  So I did for about 40 min.. wow.. there were alot of people.  Like alot.  The chat was going so fast.. I couldn't keep up..  Then there are twitter symbols.. hashtags, etc.  that I am not familiar with.  It was quite an experience.  I gave up, thinking I could probably read it all the next day.. so I saved the tweet grid and went to bed. 

I woke up with a ton of email telling me I have new followers.  Wow.  As of this morning there are 117 new followers.  So I think, ok.. first of all.. I don't have any interesting words!  Like.. my tweets are probably considered mundane.. boring, ya know.. I don't have much to say!   Then I think ok, since they are following me I should follow them right? 

So last night I did.. I am now following everyone on their list.  It's alot.  My echofon in my firefox was losing it.  So I disabled that and ran tweetdeck.  I am not sure it can handle it.  Wow! 

I love reading others!  I read alot of blogs daily as it is.. My problem, I never really comment.  I am like that fly on the wall just watching everything around me but never contributing.  I know I need to change that.. but seriously, my blog is not that interesting.. I am surprised I have readers at all!  Hmmm..

I know I also have this irritating habit of  adding periods to everything......   yea, like that.. doesn't it drive you nuts?  bUT aT LeAst i DOn't TyPE LikE tHIs!  LOL!

Ok, I think it is time to open up my tweet deck and see what the night was like.  Oh funny comment.. I told my husband, at least I don't have it set to go to my phone.. He then started talking about the batteries dying fast from all the vibrating and smoke coming out of my phone.  I thought.. hey it would be cool if I found a chirping audio for text messages..

Ok, tweet deck, here I come.  

Friday, January 22, 2010

On Fire for God..

This topic may be weird to most of you out there.. but it is on my mind this morning.  It was actually on my mind all day yesterday.  Many of you know that my family and I enjoy watching Asian Dramas.  One of the main reasons is because there storylines are much cleaner then alot of American shows out there but also there are alot of morals that our shows don't have.  Most of the dramas we enjoyed as a family are about young innocent love.  The girl in the story treasures that first kiss.. it isn't just given to anyone.. She waits for that special someone.. there are lots of funny situations.. sometimes outrageous ones too.. children have a huge respect for the parents.. Ever seen a 33 year old beg her mom for forgiveness in the american shows.. I can't think of any.. Yet I have seen it in these dramas.  Respect for your parents is huge in these shows.. (of course usually the rich families don't have that.. they usually have some severe dysfunctional issues.. lol) 

Well, back to what has been on my mind.  Right now I am watching a drama .. just 1 hour a week.. and the main guy in the storyline is one I am familiar with.  I have seen a few of his other dramas.  I found out not too long ago about his love for the Lord.  Just recently, I discovered that he has a twitter... so I thought it would be fun to learn more.  Since then I have found his testimony which was very inspirational to me and his tweets.. wow.. He mentions God in probably every tweet he sends.. It brings a smile every time he tweets..

Part of me started to think.. ok.. am I being obsessive here?? why am I following this guy's tweets??  Yes I also am now a fan on facebook.. lol.  So I talk to a friend about it.. during our discussion I realize something.  I am loving his tweets because he is truly On Fire for God!  I have not been in a long time.  I have just been going through life, going through the motions.. etc.. but where is my zest for the Lord?  When did I lose it?  I want that fire back in my life.  I think it is seriously time to start looking for a church closer to us.  We have been away for too long. 

So, I feel better now.. I am not drawn to this good looking popular asian actor .. . I am drawn to his zest for the Lord.. he is very vocal about his Love for the Lord while I sit here quietly loving God in my own way.  I want to be bold.. I want to really feel the Lord in my life again.  I have alot to learn! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

God just knows...

Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating.. My days can be so alike but some days it is just a struggle to get the basics done.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Then in the middle of schooling a simple text from a friend.  She didn't have much time but wanted to stop by and visit.  She was here for 1.5 hours.. just enough to make my day.  The amazing thing, Annaleah also managed to finish school.  Wow. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up, up and away...

Yesterday was a different day.. Most of the time around here, things don't change much. Being a homeschooling, stay at home mom of 1 child.. not much happens. Yesterday however, was a bit different. First Ethan arrived really early.. we were kinda surprised to hear someone knocking on the door as we were doing English. Apparently, David made arrangements for Ethan to come early but forgot to tell me. David and Abby were not even here yet.. So of course I text David who ends up feeling awful about it. But it really wasn't a big deal at all. Anna still managed to do her English and ate lunch with Ethan. Then continued her work while Ethan was supposed to be napping.. He never actually fell asleep.

Ethan had a silly moment.. David wanted to go get pizza for Ethan and Anna.. so he asked Ethan.. "what do you like on your pizza?" Ethan's response, "Strawberries". Silly boy.

For school, Annaleah has been reading Sarah Noble. We are now reviewing the book while working on a lapbook for it. Corn was the topic of this week. Abby had gotten some dried corn on a cob from work and the kids were able to check it out last night.

Dried out corn cob


putting it in a microwave bag

 popped corn

Ethan's turn

After popping popcorn,  Ethan left and Anna, Abby and David all watched UP.  What a sad movie!  We had watched it the night before and I have to say, it had alot of depressing parts.  It was good though and funny.. I loved Dug the dog.  He was my favorite character aside from Russell. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Easy day..

Yesterday was a pretty easy day. Annaleah and I found some online videos about Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was a great resource for this. Then we did an online quiz to see how much she was paying attention. We discussed some of what we learned and then went over to Youtube to watch his speech.

Last night we watched "Up" I totally did not have a clue to what the movie was about. Hubby actually had tears.. well I did too but that is usual for me.

It was a good day and we all piled into bed at 9:30. Nice and simple.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Can't seem to post on the weekends..

Well, let's see..

Thursday night was Annaleah's ballet and tap class. I was able to get in there and video tape.. I taped alot. I have not uploaded yet. Abby watched Ethan so after class we went over to Popeye's to check them out. Have not been to a Popeyes in forever. We were shocked on Monday when we suddenly seen one.. here.. in CT.. no clue when it got there.

Friday, Angel decided we should do our big shopping that night. Oh man.. we finally had money and really needed some things.. we had been doing 'light' shopping for almost 3 months and we were running out! So we got Ethan ready and off we went to eat first at Burger King.. mental note.. Ethan does not like burgers at Burger King.

We then spent roughly an hour or more at Bj's Warehouse and then almost 2 hours at Walmart! $400.00 and 4 hours later, we were finally heading home.. (shopping alone took 3 hours!) We better not need to do serious shopping again for at least 2 months! Although I forgot hearing aid batteries.. and Bubbles still needs litter. No clue why Walmart doesn't carry "Yesterday's News".. it is the only litter we use for him.

We keep bins in the car.. those big packing bins.. 2 bins full and some had to get carried. We left alot of food in the car overnight.. food that we didn't need to worry about.. Next morning, that food also filled 2 bins.. and that doesn't include the bags of cat and rabbit food.. or the box of canned cat food.. whew.

Saturday and Sunday was spent here doing whatever.. I worked on my puzzle a bit.. almost done there.. it is challenging which I love. But I got too lazy.. I never planned for school.. again!

However, just found out today is Martin Luther King day, so we are going to focus on a slideshow of that and some printed questions and call it a day. Everyone else is off school today and Anna has an early ballet class this afternoon.. so sounds good to me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

That is so what I need right now. Yesterday I allowed negative thoughts and feels to ruin my day.. and I can already feel it again. This isn't a good way to start the day.. I must think positive!!!

We did manage to finish school yesterday and although we had a rocky start.. it was a good finish. I am thinking of maybe wrapping up the week the best I can today.. seeing if she is ready for her math test as well as some other things. This weekend we may be able to finally get some serious grocery shopping done.. but I need a plan. I don't want to go into the stores armed with nothing. I want menus planned, and a grocery list done. I want to know everything we have in this house and what we need to add. I want healthier choices if possible.. and the weirdest thing is I am craving Grapefruit!! How odd is that? I was even thinking of juicing again but to be honest.. the thought of that juicer with no place to call home.. and the work involved.. forget that.. so not ready for that hassle.

Let me say, I love getting up at 5am, however, guess who decided she liked getting up early too! Yesterday she woke at 6:50am.. ok.. no problem.. I can handle that.. Today she shows up at 6am.. ok.. now I am having issues here.. this is my time!! sigh. Maybe letting her stay up just a bit longer with daddy wouldn't be such a bad idea?

Tonight is still sneak a peek week at ballet... I will be recording Anna's ballet and tap class. Monday was her Kid's in Motion class which does more choreography for performances at nursing homes and other functions. Be prepared for more videos. Hope that doesn't bore you all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am just not consistant

Monday was an awesome school day.. yesterday stunk bad.. like seriously. Monday I had it all together, everything on my list was done and on target.. (except for bed and laundry but hubby was sick)..

Yesterday was just a disaster.. spent too much time scolding Anna and trying to get her to move along.. she dragged so bad yesterday. She had a huge attitude problem.. I am sure I had one as well.. I just wanted to crawl back to bed..

Which makes no sense! I have been sleeping longer than I have ever slept in my life.. Saturday night 12 hours, sunday night 8 hours, monday night 7.5 hours and last night 8.5 hours.. seriously this girl never used to sleep more than 6 hours a night!

Although I love being up at 5am.. finally I get some alone time.. I have been doing my Bible and biking when I can. I love that no one gets up here before 7. That part I am thoroughly enjoying..

However, I think hubby is having a party every night without me. I keep finding dishes on the table and things a mess! That is the one bad part.. with me going to bed at 9pm lately.. I am not spending any time with hubby. sigh

I don't know how anyone finds a balance.. but maybe someday, it will just come to me..

Oh but let's end with a funny.. I made jello yesterday, Ethan loves jello.. So does Angel.. Ethan saw the jello in the fridge and I told him it was for after dinner.. he was soo excited.

About 2 hours later (I guess he couldn't wait anymore).. he came out of the kitchen sucking on all his fingers.. (almost his whole hand was shoved into his mouth..) I said "Oh no! Ethan what did you do?" and ran to the fridge

sure enough.. big old hand print right there on the top of the jello..

I just had to laugh

So after dinner.. I scooped out the hand printed area for Ethan.. and that gave out the untouched parts for us.. Ethan had seconds, Angel had thirds.. no more jello..

wonder if I should make some for tonight.. hmm..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sneak a Peek week

Yesterday was Annaleah's sneak a peek week at ballet..  Which meant lots of videos to be taken.. but no worries, I didn't upload them all.. just the best 3 I had.  Oh and I mistakenly uploaded one that they messed up with..

The first video, Annaleah is the last one against the wall.  It gets confusing because they have to form circles in the middle and go in opposite direction as the outer circle.  I was quite impressed. 

Here is a blooper video.. I just love it when the girls giggle after making a mistake..

For the May performance, they are doing a dance involving the beach floating tube things.. (forgive my blank mind here).. here they are pretending to have them and they sit in the middle of the tube. 

Here the girls are pretending to hold beach balls to hide Anna from the audience.. and then they reveal her. 

I think they we do awesome by the time May arrives..  I love how they have so much fun learning the choreography involved. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Been quite a weekend..

I didn't even realize that I didn't post on Friday.  My mind's been out of order.. :-) 

I am trying to do my best to update my 3 blogs here regularly.. yes, 3.. this blog, I have a weight loss blog going on and a bible blog.  I do like that everything is in one place.. I usually do a weight loss blog over at livejournal. I definitely like using blogger better.  On a good note I have a 4.5lb loss from last week..whoo hoo.. I have not even tried!  but hey.. not complaining..

Friday I did not school again.. guess we just took an extra week off.. maybe I needed it.. but today I must start school.  I have been doing some planning and since Anna finished "The Courage of Sarah Noble" and is due for a book report on it.. I am thinking of stopping and getting more indepth in some areas.  A quick scan of the chapters with activities to make a lapbook.  I am also planning on having her make Indian Pudding.  She really loved the hands on stuff when we did Little house in the big woods.. so this will be perfect for her.  We will go over the language arts portions as well as social studies with a review of the animals for the lapbook.  This type of study gets me excited.  It is also the reason I got up at 5am this morning.  I want to make sure we are all ready for school.. since I did nothing all weekend. 

Friday night I worked on a puzzle.  Annaleah worked along side me on one of her puzzles.. picture it.. both of us sitting there with mp3 players and headphones.. singing along with our own music while working on a puzzle.. my kind of day!  We also watched Ernest saves Christmas.. her first experience with Ernest and she loved it.  I went to bed at 7pm and Anna stayed up with Abby til about 11 or so.  They made some cute videos and took pics.. I finally woke at 7pm but it wasn't a restful sleep.. I guess I needed it (everyone knows I do not ever go to bed early.)  because I woke up sick.. However, I was determined to be ready for church.. so I showered and dressed, then woke up Angel who said forget about church.  sigh..

We have not been in church since April.  We were planning on checking out a church closer to us.  We know so many people that have attended this church.. (including Abby and her family).  However, it was probably best we didn't go.. I was definitely not well yesterday.  I barely remember working on the puzzles, staring at facebook.. did some dishes, napped again.  Last night I went back to bed around 9:30 with an agenda already planned out for today.. so here I am.  I do feel better so that is a good thing.  Still conjested but head feels better. 

Today is Anna's sneak a peek week at ballet, which means I get to take videos.. I can't wait.  David and Abby will be here for Ethan which will be perfect.  Leftover lasagna for dinner will also be great for tonight.  We were supposed to have that last night but I didn't want it.  So hubby made ramen with kimchii.. I don't know but that always helps clear the sinuses.. I loved it..  Oh Saturday I made pizza dough using the bread machine.. then made pizza.. and finally, Angel liked it!! I have been trying for so long to make pizza dough instead of buying.. and finally.. this recipe is a keeper! 

Ok.. I am rambling now.. I think it is time to get to my list.. It is awfully quiet here at 5am.. :-) 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Could educational games be considered schooling??

I am having a terrible time getting started with school.  I had a short list yesterday and still did everything but the lesson planning.. til last night .. I did get it started .. finally..

Yesterday I decided to pull out the "Cooking Up Sentences" which we played twice.  It was a nice review of the parts of speech.  Then we kinda made up a math game.. very simple. 

we only needed 3 dice, 2 sheets of paper, 2 pencils

one dice was set to 2 and placed on the side .. we were practicing our two times tables.. 

roll the other two dices... add them up (2+3).. then multiply 2 (10)

on the paper we wrote 10

Next turn say the answer was 12,  we would write under the 10


and continue add  our answers to the right side.. dice answer left, total right.. We did this 10 times.. Anna loved it.. (strangely since she supposedly hates math!)  She wanted to play by herself to see how high she got.. She did a great job adding up totals on the side of her paper. 

Today we may have company.. if that doesn't happen maybe we could do another round of the dice game and throw in a science experiment.  This could be considered as schooling??  Right?? 

I will be on track next week.. I WILL!!  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A day of accomplishments

Yesterday felt great.. I had a list of like 27 things and I managed to accomplish all but 1.  Lesson planning.. sigh.. but hey.. it was a huge list.  One of the things was to clear out my google photos.. turns out it was the videos.. after deleting all the videos I had only 10% full.. amazing.  I was also trying to figure out if I should keep my xanga or move everything here.. however I discovered while google photos holds 1g of pics.. xanga holds 10.. huge difference.. of course I pay for Xanga but the last 6 years of my life is on there!  I just can't give that up.. moving it all over would be a huge chore so I have some things to think about. 

Today my goal is to go through the lessons plans, finish folding rest of the laundry then we are all caught up.  I would like to work on a video the girls did .. they like to put on performances but each one is like 10 min long.. so I would have to go through and clip out pieces and make a movie out of it.. which sounds like fun to me!  If only I had the time for such a project. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What new beginnings???

Yesterday my goal was simple.. Regroup.. get everything in order.  For the last week my nieces have been here.. so there has been a whirlwind of activity.  Two mattresses in the living room at all times, games being played, bags with clothes and whatnot sitting in the living room.. and 3 not so tiny any more, girls running around.  I loved it!  However, they left on Sunday and it is time to get back on track.. so yesterday, I worked however, it didn't seem to be enough.. I didn't get everything done.. I had over 400 emails to catch up on.. and over 1000 blog posts to read.. (email done as of last night, blogs about half done).. I did get the Christmas stuff down and get alot of areas back in shape.. but only put a small nick in the laundry.. whew.. and forget about school planning.  We were supposed to start back up today.. but I don't think so..

Daddy found the latest episode of Doctor Who.. and being Doctor Who fans in this house.. had to watch it.  So we did.. it was 2am before it finished.. Yikes!!  Annaleah loved every minute but hello.. 2am!  So needless to say, school isn't happening today.. we just crawled out of bed.. yesterday I made a committment to read my bible and bike every day at 6am.. sigh..

Although Doctor Who was very good.. It was so incredibly sad to see David Tenant leave his role.  I remember being so angry when Christopher Eccleston left the show..

I loved him! 
He was funny, had great facial expressions,
and I just loved the relationship between him and Rose..
but when he regenerated.. I absolutely refused to like the new doctor..

But David Tenant did eventually did win my heart.  He was great for the past 3 years..
I cried alot last night..
(yes, I know it is only a show.. but hey.. it was sad!)

Now, this new guy.. I am not so sure..
once again it is going to take alot to prove he can be a good replacement. 
I don't like changes..
Wonder if this one will win my heart? 

Ok, so when did I start to like Sci Fi?? 

Monday, January 4, 2010

I have decided that I really need to start studying my Bible.  I will be posting daily over at

I have been failing miserably at this and just need to start over now!  I have done a bit of googling and came across some good tips.

  1. Decide On A Time.  My goal will be around 6:30am.  I plan to start riding my bike and listening to praise at 6am.. then having my morning tea with Bible study. 
  2. Decide On a Place. That will be Living Room table, which means it needs to be cleared off in the evenings before bed!  
  3. Decide On a Time Frame.  I will start with 15 min and move from there.  
  4. Decide on a General Structure.  I would like to read at least one chapter.. then read each verse again and really thinking on the meaning.  
  5. Choose a Bible Reading Plan or Bible Study.  Right now my plan will be to start in the book of James and allow the Lord's leading when the time comes for the next book to choose.  
  6. Plan to Spend Some Time in Prayer.  This will be a tough one.. But I will pray before each reading starts.  
  7. Consider Spending Some Time in Worship.  This will start when I bike in the mornings.. I will only listen to praise during this time.  
  8. Consider Spending Some Time in Writing in a Journal.  I am hoping to use this blog for my Bible Journaling
  9. Commit to Follow Your Daily Devotional Plan - This will be the hardest part.. but I need to remember if I fail to get back up and keep going.  
  10. Be Flexible and Willing to Make Changes to Your Plan.  This should be the best time for me, however, I know that weekends will be tougher and will probably need to work on an adjustment there. 
  1. Keep working at your daily devotional plan for 21 days. By then it should become a habit.
  2. Pray for God to give you the desire and the discipline to spend time with him each day.
  3. Don’t give up. Eventually you will discover the joys and blessings of your obedience.
  4. If you are married, consider developing a couple's devotional plan.
What You Need:
  • A Bible
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • A Notebook or Journal
  • A Bible Reading Plan
  • A Bible Study or Study Aid
  • A Quiet Place

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Happy New Year!

    It was an interesting day.  Last night we aimed to ring in the new year playing games.. but it didn't happen.  Ethan was a ball of energy.. He was enjoying the girls tremendously.  Finally he came to me and asked to go to bed.  He then grabbed his book and went off to Anna's bedroom and waited to get into the playpen.  wow.  After reading and kisses.. I came out to find it was 11:45pm.. how did that happen?? 

    After the ball dropped.. David walked in from work.  Jade convinced him to play Life with us.. So Abby, David, Jade, Anna and I, played Life til 2:30am.  Kate went to sleep quickly after the ball dropped.  At around 2am.. the game progressed quickly because we started to rush everyone along.  Anna was extremely tired and was snoring between her turns.  The night almost turned bad when Anna lost her job due to midlife crisis.  I told her to pick a new career and she started to say something half asleep that was totally not appropriate.  I quickly scolded her and then attempted to move on.. but she had this shocked look on her face like she had no clue what she was being scolded for.. half asleep and all.. I ended up in tears and laughing (a normal side effect from lack of sleep).. after excuses myself for a bit we quickly finished the game and headed the girls off to bed.  As we woke anna (who won).. she got really upset proclaiming "but I wanted to pull and all nighter!"  .. while Jade announced.. "I never want to try to pull an all-nighter again!"..

    This morning was hard.  Ethan woke at 9am, which meant I had about 6 hours sleep.. however my body did not like that and I just became emotional all day.  First a friend insisted that we had to get on the scale and get back on track.. I cried while walking to the scale.. I was mortified at what I could discover.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad at all!  Then later, I found myself running my fingers thru David's hair.. something I had not done in years!  While doing that I had memories of his childhood and me running my fingers thru, etc.. and I just started tearing up again.. Which meant another trip to the bathroom .. oh so not a good day at all..

    Ethan was such a good boy.. but I was tired.. so every bathroom trip, or diaper change.. trying to feed the girls.. just left me exhausted.  Abby had offered to watch the girls so I could go with David to see Meadow.  I decided to go ahead and do that.. Shortly before I leave we discover that Anna is sick.. she had a headache and a small fever.. oh boy.  She still stayed with Abby and slept alot. 

    The visit to see Meadow was really sweet.. However, I didn't try to get too close.  It has been too long and I really wanted her to bond with David more.. so I stayed on the other side of the table.. snapping pics and playing peek-a-boo behind a menu.  She gave me lots of smiles.  I will do my best to remember to share those pics here tomorrow maybe.  The girls leave on Sunday so who knows how busy we will get tomorrow.  I can't believe the week has ended already! 

    I am totally exhausted and ready for bed.  Anna will be joining us so I can keep an eye on her.. I really want to do a better job keeping this site updated.. so I should be around more.  I leave you with a pic..