Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mingling on a Tuesday!

It's been awhile. I decided I needed to get back to the mingles even though I am late. The nieces are here.. gonna be a crazy week of fun!

1. How do you compile grocery list – by an inventory, or writing things as you run out?
2. At what age do you plan on retiring (or your spouse retiring)?
3. What do you plan on doing when you retire?


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Hi there! Good to see you again :)
I hope they find a cause soon - that's unsettling.
Hooray for list making :) I'm a big list maker too.
Haha mothers never retire. Hmmph that's true isn't it.
Have a great week :)

DaenelT said...

Hi, Linda, glad you're back. Hope your husband gets better soon.... thoughts and prayers.

I have a theory that when/if we move, we'll find all our lists hiding behind the fridge.

Have a great weekend.