Monday, November 14, 2011

October Happenings… It’s been crazy!

I don’t think I have done a single update on Angel in quite a while.  The last two months have been rather busy.  I decided to do a brief outline of all the happenings in October.  I apparently forgot how busy it really was!  So thankful it ended on a happy note! 

Wed, October 5th – Buried Gram.  Realized something was wrong with van.

Thurs, October 6th – Canceled doc appt due to van issues

Fri, October 7th – Received a call from hospital...  They don't like his liver numbers and want him to go to the hospital Monday for a liver ultrasound. 

Sat, October 8th – took van in to get checked on.  Angel had to walk to and from Anna’s dance studio and they sat there all day.  2200.00 to repair.  Had to get bare minimums done since we didn’t have it.  So roughly 1200.00. 

Sun, Oct 9th – Birthday party at neighbors for their one year old.  So cute!  Think the deviled eggs I thought was safe, had dairy.  Sad smile

Mon, Oct 10th – Went to hospital for an ultrasound.  They didn’t get back to us til we had no choice but to leave to get to Anna’s dance.  On the road they called and told us it looked like his vein had gotten narrow and they needed to do a procedure to widen it.  They told him to be in Glastonbury the next morning.  When I looked up the procedure, it looked like a complicated thing that required a driver.  I totally over reacted and we had a bad night.

Tues, Oct 11th – I stayed home while Angel and David went to procedure.  He was at the wrong place.  Turned out they only did a cat scan to see the vein better.  Whew! 

Wed, October 12th – I went to audiologist appointment.  Had another hearing test done and found out my hearing is getting significantly worse. 

Thurs, October 13th,

Angel went for his doctor's appointment today.  The blood seems to be flowing fine.  However they can't see the vein properly because of the clips that are in his body from surgery.  They still don't like the numbers so they want to do a liver biopsy to make sure there is no rejection going on.  As for the vein, apparently during the transplant they had to graft the vein together and now it looks like there is possible shrinkage.  They want to get a closer look with another procedure.  Both procedures can be done as an outpatient however, because he is on Coumadin, he would bleed out.  So they want to admit him in the hospital for 4 days to control the Coumadin, and then get him back on after the procedure.  

Angel told them this was not possible with work.  So they decided another method.  They are mailing him a package that will have filled needles.  He will give himself shots for a few days.  These shots will keep his blood thin but not have the same affect as the Coumadin.  He will then go in for the procedure as an outpatient on either the 26th or the 27th of this month.  After the procedure he will continue to do the shots til the Coumadin takes effect again. 

Found out Health insurance will not pay for a lot of my bloodwork I had done or the new doctor I am seeing. 

Mon, Oct 24th

went the hospital today so they could show him out to give himself a shot before his Liver biopsy and angiogram on Thursday. I asked them about a protruding spot on his stomach. Turns out he has a hernia caused from the incision during surgery. It can be removed maybe next spring unless it starts to cause pain.


Wednesday, Oct 26th

Angel went to his vascular appointment today. They found no blood clots!! They will be taking the IV filter out on November 17th. This is really good news!

Thurs, Oct 27th

Angel’s brother took him to the hospital for the procedures.  He was supposed to have the angiogram and the liver biopsy.  Due to a problem with taking Coumadin yesterday, they did not want to do the biopsy.  After having to lay flat for 6 hours the liver doc came in and tried to do the biopsy through a scar tissue.  Failed.  Need to reschedule. 

Thursday, November 10th,
We received incredible news. The plans for a liver biopsy was cancelled. His numbers are the best they have ever been! He will continue to have the IV Filter removed on Thursday. Thank you so much for all your prayers! It will be a year this month since his cirrhosis was discovered and it has been 6 months since his liver transplant. God is truly amazing!

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