Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy two days

It's been a crazy 2 days.  Yesterday, I woke up at 3am and laid in bed for about 30 min before deciding  there was just no point in staying there.  So I got up, and did the usual chores.  I saw instructions for a driedel game after reading someone's blog.. It looks easy and fun.. sounds good to me.. so I printed it out and we tried it out.  Angel is really interested in playing the game with the girls when they come.

After everything was done, everyone was still asleep.. so I watched The Biggest Loser Finale online.  Oh my word.. just amazing and inspiring.. what they have done.  I am fascinated with Shay right now.. She has come a long way and still has a long way to go.

The rest of the day was a mixture of decluttering magazines, boxing up resource materials so we can actually use the fireplace.  Seriously, I made a huge mess before it even looked better.. actually, it never did look better yesterday.. just progressively worse.

And the worse part was that I had hurt my back somehow.. so I was in a bit of pain.  Last night I enjoyed watching a show with Angel while using a heating pad on my back. 

A funny - During my de-cluttering and sitting when the back hurt too much.. Ethan came over and climbed on my lap.. He gave me this look and said..

E - Meemaw, don't be sad, be happy!
M- Meemaw is frustrated
E - Why?
M- Because of all the clutter
E - (kicks the air), I kicked that clutter for you
M-(laughing) are you my clutter kicker?
E - Yes!  (then looks puzzled for a few min)  what is clutter?
M - It is a pile of mess
E - (looks at me with those eyes of his).. well, clean it

at this point I am just laughing.  To him the solution was so easy.. if it is messy, then clean it.  I just love that boy!

I finally crawled into bed after midnight (was shocked I was still even awake at that point with very little sleep the night before).. and woke after 6 hours.. Then it was a rush to get all the trash out.  I had two boxes of magazines, newspapers and random papers to get to the road.  We also finally took out all the boxes that had accumulated on the deck.

Today I managed to bring two boxes of magazines to the basement. I recheck them during the holidays but wasn't actually able to find them becasue they were just thrown everywhere.. the boxes are now labeled and I can easily find them when I need to.  We also have not renewed to any magazines so I will not worry about accumulating more.. thank goodness.

I also sorted thru Anna's three school crates.. and brought down a bin of our pumpkin decorations and the christmas decor we are not using.  I put up the window lights.. and of course.. because I had to move some things to get to the window,.. and I made a huge mess decluttering.. I had to vac.. vac'ed all main rooms and bathroom, and then washed the floor.. wow.. I am just stunned.

I did also color with Anna today.  We didn't actually do any crafts together however, she decided she wanted to finish her book today so she read 3 days worth and we worked on the questions.  So she is done with school til January.  Tonight I want to go through some books and magazines and get some ideas with her.

Right now Ethan is looking at a book, Christmas cd is playing in the background, ground beef is browning on the stove, Anna is talking to Bri on the phone in her room.. and I just put 6 bags of Amish Friendship Starter into the freezer.   I am kind of sad that I can not make bread for others this year.. just don't have enough oil, milk, pudding,etc.. but at least it will not go to waste.

Excuse me a moment please...

Ethan just begged me to read this..  twice!
It is one of his favorite books here.. along with the Biscuit books.

 Ok.. now beef is cooked and simmering in sauce (well, half of it anyways) and water is started for the spaghetti.  Almost time to eat.. but I must say.. the place is looking pretty good.  Praying I have a productive day again tomorrow.

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