Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story of Anna's Blanket


It's time for another "Get Your Vlog on" with Lizzie B.  Today I decided to talk about Anna's favorite item in the entire world.  Please share your stories or even suggestions.  I can't imagine her taking this thing along with her when she enters college!

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The Royal Family said...

hi! Isn't it funny how they hang on to stuff like that. :) we have lovies but the girls never caught onto loveing on them. LOL

Yoly said...

Linda, your kiddos are adorable!

1coolmama said...

the little girl I take care of just had palate surgery and had to wear arm restraints. they called them no-no's at St. Christopher's. My daughter still sees picures of her pacifier and wants it and she is 3. She is really attached to certain clothes and I have a hard time getting them away from her.

LizzieB said...

Linda and Anna, what a cute vlog!! Anna's blankie is to die for. I never had a favorite blankie growing up but both my girls have little lovey's that they are attached to especially at bed time. I love how Anna demonstrated her favorite corner - my 5-year old loves the corners of her lovey too. I think there's something soothing to them for kids no matter the age. I actually had a friend who took what remained of her blankie to college!!! It wasn't pretty but she always had it.