Monday, August 2, 2010

Mining for Gems

We decided to spend the last day of vacation, mining for gems.  The girls really enjoyed it.  They were directed to a cave where they had 10 minutes to dig in the sand looking for any gems they could find. 

 DSCF0722 DSCF0724 DSCF0725

After they were done digging, they were sent to identify the gems.  This part was tricky! 

DSCF0726 DSCF0727 DSCF0730


After the gems they went and checked the sand art bottles.. 


We also enjoyed looking around in the shop.  They have alot of neat things here.. Kate picked out a shark’s tooth and Anna chose a worry stone.  


We ended the day with some roasted marshmellows and glo sticks. 

DSCF0741 DSCF0742


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Roberta said...

We also went gem mining. It was a little different though. I have some pics somewhere. I will try to load them up.