Friday, August 17, 2012

How Being a Messy Perfectionist is Destroying My Blogging.

Yesterday, I was reading this blog, The Messy Perfectionist- Are You One?  This sounded exactly like me!  Here is a small clipping..
You see, perfectionists like to do things the Right Way.  We know how things should be done. We know that we should scrub the grout with a toothbrush and bleach whenever we clean the shower.  We know that the insides of garbage cans should be disinfected.  We know the blinds need to be dusted slat by slat. We see the filth and the grime and the clutter....and feel powerless to do anything about it because it would take 10 lifetimes to take care of things the Right Way. So we get bogged down in inertia instead, and spend a lot of time thinking "I should be better than this. Why can't I get it together??"
Oh yes, this is me.  I want everything done perfectly and since it is too overwhelming, I don't do anything at all.  This includes blogging. 
When I think of blogging, I remember that I want to share the recent surgery my husband had to go through, or the two weeks with the nieces, I have lots of pics to post of that time together.  Or how about Anna's two weeks of her dance's Summer Intensive. Then I think, "It's going to be alot of work to get those pictures together.  I'll get to it later."   Later comes and more things happen.  Like forgetting our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  Or the many other things that keeps popping up in our lives.  So too many things to post becomes overwhelming so therefore my posts don't happen.  So I don't get any readers, and my memories of our life isn't written down for Anna to read through when she gets older.  Let's not mention the only comments I get are from spammers. 
So, as I was telling a friend about this yesterday, she said "Linda, How do you eat and elephant?"  My first thought was .. "ewww!!  Gross!!  Why would I ever eat and elephant!"  After getting over that visual, (yikes!) I realized the answer is 'one bite at a time'.  So here it goes.  One step at a time I will try to get back into blogging.  My goal is to get back to making this a habit.  So hope you are ready to hear from me more often. 
Hmm.. now if only I could figure out where to start in my home....  

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