Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It’s starting already..

Today, I am already frustrated!!  Breathe in, breathe out…

Yesterday was truly a good day.  I managed to catch up on alot yet relax at the same time.  Anna finished her work in less than 2 hours.  Then she went off for alone time (always happens after the girls leave).  I was able to enjoy day of alone time!  We did leave briefly to hit the library.  We had gotten alot of movies and some were late.  Thankfully, we had no fees. 

Today however is a bit stressful.  Ethan is here and he can be a bit dramatic.  He cried for a good 30 min because grandpa told him to leave the kitten alone after he hit her for getting near his toys.  Sigh.  Now it is an issue of Anna enjoying aggravating him but mimicking what he says.  Seriously?? 

Looks like I got him busy with his gift from daddy..

ColorWonder finger paint.  However, this means Annaleah is now distracted because she finds it fascinating. 

I can’t win! 

Uh oh.. Ethan just told Anna he was sending her in time out. 

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Roberta said...

Did Anna go to time out when Ethan told her to?
He is such a cutie!