Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another surprise phone call...

We got a phone call this morning.  

We are now sitting in the hospital, waiting for Angel to get a new liver.  

Please keep us in your prayers. 

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The above was written so I could post a short video on YouTube.  This morning we got another call.  Another liver was available.  Angel being type B negative this seemed so odd.  We just couldn't say no.  Of course initially this brought up a huge emotional turmoil for me.  Jade and Kate were here for the week.  We had a Spa party sleepover planned for Friday and Saturday. Annaleah will be 10 on Sunday.  Easter Sunday.  So much to do.  I was having so much fun.  How could everything just fall apart?  How could this happen now?

Yes, that was my thoughts. It sounds awful.. but there is so much more.  Angel has been doing really well health-wise.  I guess to the point were we could pretend nothing was really wrong.  We knew he may need a liver down the line.. but the docs made it sound like it would be a long way down that road.  Not to mention the entire process after surgery.  It is scary!  So much info.  At least a month of me taking care of him.  Tons of doctors appointments.  The meds alone to stop his body from preventing the liver will cost alot.  The first year will be concerns of infections and more.  This is not to be taken lightly.  

But then, not one call, but 2!  In 3 days??  Was the Lord trying to tell us something?  So here we are.  All plans cancelled.  Anna is now in RI with her Mimi.  I have no idea who will care for Ethan during this time.  This is not going to be easy on Justine to find care for him.  I don't know how David will get too and from work daily.  Right now.. I don't know anything..

Except that we are here.  Waiting.  They say the surgery could be very early morning.  The MRI, X-rays and EKG are fine.  We are just waiting for that final word that says the liver is perfect.  

So here we will wait....  . 

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