Monday, April 25, 2011

An interesting day..

There is a family that has been coming here.  An older gentleman and his grown children.  His wife is in the ICU.  He has over heard that we were getting a new liver and was very happy for us.  This morning he came over just to see how everything went last night. 

Later this afternoon a lady came in.  She quickly went in to see someone but not without a big smile and "Hello".  When she came back she said.. "You are still here?" Do you need prayer.  I quickly explained our situation and she prayed with me.  How nice! 

Then this evening the chaplin came up.  She brought up a prayer shawl for me.  There is a ministry of ladies who knit shawls and pray over them.  They pray for whoever will receive the shawl.  They usually give this shawl to patients but sometimes they decide to give it to someone who has been diligent.  What a thoughtful gift. 

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