Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Least Favorite Chore

Note: I am really behind on the 31 Day Challenge, however, I am not going to quit.  I would like to finish this to the end.   Day 16 - Your least favorite chore.

I could think on this one all day.  Chores are constant.  Some of the most dreaded must do’s are ..


The dreaded dishes!  Seriously!  This is never ending.  This sink is never actually clean.  I do not have a dishwasher or much counter space.. so those dishes must be hand washed and dried.  We won’t even get into the drying part.  That was my chore as a teen and the dislike for it followed into adulthood.  Although I don’t think I complain about it as much as I did as a teen.  How did my mom ever put up with me.  LOL. 

I know.  I could have Anna do the dishes, but that means I would have to re-wash many of them.  Seriously, I might as well get it done right the first time.  I would ask David but he is hardly ever here.  Angel does them once in a while.. but that leaves me to do them a good 4 times a day. 

However, seeing dishes in the sink reminds me that we have enough food in the house.  Everyone gets to eat until they are content, and believe me, everyone does!  There have been times that I will panic over finances or groceries, however I am thankful that we have always had food in our pantry and fridge.  It may not be what we want, however we do not go hungry. 


Laundry is another chore that is never ending.  Although I really shouldn’t complain too much.  We do have a washer and a dryer.  Sometimes I start feeling really guilty because I should hang my clothes to dry.  I told my husband not to purchase a dryer when we got married, but he didn’t listen.  We used to live in an apartment complex and they cut our clothesline because they said it made the place look bad.  The lines were in the back yard away from the road.  I will never understand that one.  So that is when hubby put his foot down and bought a dryer. 

I just got flashbacks of me as a teen, washing my brothers jeans in the bathtub.  Or walking to the laundry mat with mom every week with tons of laundry being dragged behind us.  Washing clothes in a washer and dryer is not something I should complain about at all. 


The last chore that I complain about the most is cleaning the cluttered area.  The fireplace tends to be crowded with toys and playdoh and magazines.  Paperwork tends to end up in those baskets.  I really dislike cleaning this area. 


Then there is the cubby that used to hold my laptop.  Now it has become an area for school books, card games and bubbles.  All those odds and ends in the house tends to find their way here. 

However, I am thankful I get to be home for my daughter.  I am able to home school her and spend my days with her.  I really need to treasure this time in her life more often.  I also get to spend alot of time with my grandson.  I will never get these moments back.  All these things are temporary.  While I know that I can strive to be more organized and clutter free.. these are not what I want to put above the children in my life. 

Now dusting, that is one chore I will never understand! 

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