Monday, March 26, 2012

Just another crazy weekend!


Let’s back up a bit.  I didn’t mention that on Thursday, we went to a Korean Restaurant after the hospital appointment.  This is tricky for me since corn and gluten are in a lot of Korean sauces.  I ordered a stone pot Bimbambop without the pepper paste.  I missed the taste of the pepper paste so much.  basically I ate rice, veggies and meat mixed together with no seasoning.  I was glad Angel got his Korean though.  I also love the little side dishes but didn’t eat anything because once again, I am not sure what is used to marinate those dishes.  Even Kimchi could have something in it that I can’t have.  One of the side dishes was this…


No thank you! 

But Angel had no problem eating it. 

Friday was a normal day.  Every Friday, we rush out at 5pm for Anna’s 3 hour dance classes.  While she is at dance we grocery shop.  Rush home and then try to put everything away before crashing for the night. 

Saturday morning the goal was to get up at 5 (me that is) and get the family out of the house at 7:30 so David can get to work for 8 and we head to my parents.  Well, that didn’t work out so well.  David ended up getting a ride so I didn’t have to rush.  I did still wake at 5.  I cooked my meal for the road, just in case.  I packed a lot of snacks since we were planning to go to the movies as well.  We set out around 9am. 

The van was making this horrible clicking sound and we ended up driving back to the house.  After staring under the hood and fiddling around with things Angel decided to call his brother Abe.  Of course at that point the noise was very faint.  Then it disappeared completely.  So now our plan changed a bit.  Head to my parents first, then go to Abe’s, then the movies.  By this time it is 10am. 

We get to my parents at 11:30, stayed there til about 2:30.  They decided to order pizza so I ordered a chicken salad.  I had showed mom what I made (chicken, carrots, and sweet potatoes with onions..) she just had to have some. I swear her mouth was watering.. so we shared that.  Then we headed out to Abe’s. 

Abe ended up not being at home, so we met him at the Laundromat.  He looked at the van and found nothing.  The noise was completely gone.  We chatted with him and the kids for a bit then headed back to CT for the theater. 

We made it to the theater just in time for the 5:30 showing.  Hunger Games was very very good.  I have some hang-ups when it comes to being different from the book but overall they did a good job.  Anna was thrilled with the movie and was so glad they changed the ending. 

We made it home by 8:30pm.  I was in bed at 9:30. 

Sunday Morning, Anna wanted to go to the Dove beauty campaign at the Mitchell College.  This meant some planning.  David had to be at work for 10, so up again at 6am, pack up the chicken salad that was leftover and more snacks.  Anna had to get fully dressed in dance clothes.  After dropping off David we headed to the college from 10:30 – 12:30.  By the time we walked out of there it was more like 1pm which left an hour to grab food and head to the high school for dance rehearsal.  They got grinders and we parked at the school and ate.  I was so thankful I grabbed my salad and dressing since I would not have been able to find something to eat.  I do not cater to dry salads. 

Dance rehearsal was from 2 – 4:30.  Then we headed to get Angel’s prescription and they picked up some fried rice and chicken wings from a Chinese takeout.  We got home around 6pm and I quickly made myself some fried brown rice and quinoa with veggies and safe hot dogs (corn free hot dogs are hard to find!).  We watched a show and by 8pm I was ready for bed.  I managed to stay up til 9 (Anna begged).  I slept in til 7am.  I am still exhausted.

Today I am focusing on cleaning up the weekend mess and then we leave for dance at 4.  I have to make myself food again for the road.  Anna’s dance is from 4:30 – 5 and then 6-7.  Hubby wants to grab taco’s with Anna.  Taco Bell has nothing I can eat.  That’s ok though.. chicken in rice wraps for the road. 

Did I mention I am exhausted. 

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