Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sickness and Saturdays..

This was meant to be a part of the challenge.. however, if I had read ahead I would have known that weekends were off.  Oh well. 

My Saturday is nothing like the other days of the week. Usually we rush out the door by 11am to hit the library then drop Annaleah off at Jazz.  During her Jazz class we head on over to a grocery store and get what we need for the week.  We also tend to hit the Asian or Indian market. 

However, today is not a normal Saturday.  Yesterday, Anna started complaining of a stomach ache, sore throat and headache.  Her temp was about 100.7.  Usually I do not do a thing for a temp unless it is 101 or over.  However, glossy eyes tell me this is serious.  Giver her some meds.. have her rest.  She did manage most of her schoolwork quietly in the chair.  Then we sat and watched some Gilmore Girls together. 

Her temp rose to 102.3 before bedtime.  We put her to bed with us tonight.  I do not do well with a sick child in another room at night. 

So right now it is 9am and she is still sleeping.  I have showered, dressed, made smoothies and updated our food journal.  Ethan has arrived and is a busy boy already. 

Annaleah just woke up.  Looking and feeling better.  her temp is 99.6. 

Afternoon update:

Got really busy.  Left Anna and Ethan with David (my son) and headed off to Job Lot, the Asian Market, and then Walmart.  Came back and did tons of dishes with hubby, then made lunch.  Played some games and such with Ethan and Annaleah. 

I found this thing called Enviro Blox.  It is basically the packing peanuts that dissolve in water.  We had a bit of fun with that. 

After playing with the EnviroBlox we teased Popotan with a laser light.. that was fun.

After Ethan left, I worked on editing a vlog and played a game with Annaleah.  Then hubby made us Thai Curry,

(similar to the pic above)

which we ate while watching Stranger than Fiction. 

We cried. 

That was pretty much my day.  Anna’s fever seemed to have been down all day. 

We are still going to take it easy tomorrow, just to make sure.

I think it may be time to cuddle up with Anna and watch some Gilmore Girls. 

Have a great night. 

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