Thursday, May 5, 2011

Letters to Angel - Moving forward

First let me say, you scared me yesterday.  Around 9:30am, Chris started doing some routine things which included cleaning your mouth.  This usually starts your agitation.  However, you did great.  You let him clean your mouth and even apply chap-stick.  You were doing great, til you started coughing.   Chris started to suction out your mouth and you ok.. but then you started coughing again.  I was trying to settle you a bit but you suddenly gasped and gave me this look of horror.  Next think I know you started pushing me away.  That was scary.  Chris and I tried to calm you but Chris had now choice but to sedate you.  Your blood pressure had gone up to 212 and that was freaky.

Yesterday you had a trach done.  No more tubes in your mouth.  What a huge difference that makes.  You were supposed to get a kidney stent.  They found a good size kidney stone the other day.  However, when they went in they discovered it was 7mm in size.  Apparently they removed it and found alot of smaller stones and such so they decided to stent both kidneys.  I hope it isn't too painful for you.  You have alot of things going on right now. 

Lori has been sending you a care gram a day with stories on them.  I am loving them and I can't wait to share them with you. 

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