Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day started and ended with a bang for sure.  The stuff in the middle however, was fantastic. 

It started when I woke and got into the shower.  I forgot to double check the mat when I washed clothes the night before.  One leg in the tub, slid all the way to the other side.. and the other leg, out of the tub, slammed into the side of the tub.  Oh man, I watched it turn people right in front of my eyes.  Toughen up and just move one, a bit slowly but keep going. 

I went into Angel's room and he was awake and really focusing on me.  You could tell he was still a bit out of it.. but he was awake longer than normal.  He squeezed my hand when I asked.  It was nice.  So I went and had breakfast. 

During breakfast, David called .. something about being really sorry, he tried to come to see me today.  I assured him it was ok.  Then the phone died.  His cell needed to be charged. 

I went back into the room and discovered it was the same nurse from yesterday.  Let's just say she isn't one of the nurses that I prefer.  No problem.  Angel is still awake so I sit with him for a bit then I am told I need to go so they can wash him. 

I come out to the waiting room.  I go to sit down and I don't have my glasses on.. I look up and there is the boy that looks like a blurry Ethan standing there.  What an awesome surprise!!  Justine and Ethan stayed for a bit and it was absolutely wonderful.  Then before they left Abraham and Mariah came.  Abe and I went in to see Angel.  Angel opened his eyes and saw me. Then as he went to close them, he heard Abe's voice.  Those eyes got really big and started to search for him.  That was wonderful to see.  Before Abe and Mariah left. Paula and Melodye came (from church) and stayed with me til 6:30. 

It was a wonderful day.  Of course the last bang was when my second hearing aid died.  Seriously?? It's a really good thing I have my amplifier but problem is only one side of ear buds work.  The back up ones I packed are too big and keep falling out of my ears!  Not only will hearing be difficult, now I am going to have a bigger issue talking on the telephone.  Sigh!  If only I understood what He was trying to teach me. 

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