Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letters to Angel - Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago today you were in surgery at this time for your first liver transplant.  It has been a long two weeks.  I have spent a week at the hotel.  That may end today.  Yesterday, you actually opened your eyes when the nurse called your name.  She said "Look who's here" and your eyes searched for me.  That was a great feeling that you could actually focus.  You are still doing that today.  Yesterday you were also taken off the dialysis machine.  I wish I had a pic of the machine for you.  Your kidney is doing it's job now. 

The only down side is your blood pressure.  When the nurses go to do anything like re-position you, or clean you mouth, or even clean up your bowel movements (which you have been doing for 3 days now. yay).. you get agitated.  Then your blood pressure goes up to 200+.  You give the nurses no choice but to sedate you.. However then your bp goes below 100.  It is a vicious cycle!  On Monday, you were supposed to get a trach... but your blood pressure was too low. 

Kim, your nurse, was trying so hard to get your bp steady but wow, you like to make things difficult.  LOL.  Thankfully last night was better for you.  Lidia, your night nurse, decided to talk to you before doing anything and you let her do what she had to do. 

Today you should be getting a trach done and kidney stone stinted.  Oh yes dear.. the cat scan shows you have 2 kidney stones.  One is a pretty good size and may cause a problem so they are going to stint it now.  After you get better they will work on blasting it. 

I love and miss talking with you! 

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