Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Friendly Raccoon?


Last night, Angel and I were watching shows until early morning.  I walked into the kitchen for something and saw this huge animal digging into our trash can.  This guy was huge!!  Angel tried to scare him away by tapping on the sliding door.  Instead he got really curious and came closer.  Angel went to open the door just a smidge so that he could slam it loud.  This guy looked like he was about to walk in!  It freaked me out! 


He seemed really friendly and curious, but if you know me… I don’t trust wild animals.  One of my worse recurring nightmares as a child were animals attacking.  I did not sleep the entire time in the hospital after David’s birth because my dreams seem to focus on my cat attacking my baby. 

After a few minutes of watching us watch him, He went over to a tarp that was on the deck and just started kneading it, like a cat would do.  Then he laid down and watched the door. 

We decided to let him be and went back to our TV viewing.  He wasn’t there when we came back.  I was a bit nervous cleaning up the deck this morning.  It felt silly checking each area to make sure he didn’t set up a bed somewhere on my deck! 

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