Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life just won’t slow down…

  • My mind is in jumbles so it’s time for a bullet blog
  • My mom is in the hospital with pneumonia.. again
  • My son is no longer living at home
  • Our cat disappeared over a week ago after pushing out a screen sometime before morning
  • Anna is very sad
  • Anna is taking another dance class – Modern
  • which mean another hour at the studio
  • She has a performance this weekend
  • then again a few weeks after
  • School is going well but so much info to learn
  • Korean is fun
  • Nutrition is a bit scary…
  • Really digs into bad foods
  • Anna learned how hydrogenated oil was bad
  • Then decided to read the label to her beloved Doritos
  • Partially hydrogenated oil
  • She’s still eating them, for now..
  • Angel is deep into working, upstairs now
  • because it is getting cold down in the basement.. already
  • I found out he had the space heater on..
  • in September
  • We are supposed to be saving money..
  • the house is so quiet without David, Ethan or the crazy cat
  • We did put up posters nearby and call for her daily
  • and of course we never found the time to get her fixed! 
  • so if/when she comes home, Anna will be thrilled
  • Kicking myself for not making that a priority..
  • but would rather have her home than litter of strays out there somewhere.
  • Ethan comes at least once a week, which feels so odd
  • Usually when Anna has rehearsals so he ends up on the road with us
  • Anna has a pediatric appointment today and she is beyond nervous
  • Angel has gotten me into another Sci-fi show called Haven
  • Thanks Angel
  • I guess that is it for now. 
  • Can’t think anymore. 

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